Administrative Fellow Alumni

Administrative Fellow Alumni

Horne Taylor

Taylor Horne, MHA

Current Administrative Fellow (2024 – 2025) 

“The Administrative Fellowship at Memorial Healthcare System is an incredible experience that offers the opportunity to serve our community, learn the intricate workings of healthcare, and work closely with our executive cabinet. As an Administrative Fellow, I get to embrace the chance to learn from both senior-level leadership and frontline staff alike. It has been a phenomenal experience so far. From collaborating with incredible teams to learning new skills every day, I couldn’t ask for a more fulling experience. This fellowship is more than just a steppingstone – it’s the perfect launchpad for your career here at Memorial where you can make meaning contributions”.

Webb Anastasis

Anastasia Webb, MHA

Current Administrative Fellow

Adams Adara

Adara Adams, MPH

Value Based Care Program Manager

2022- 2023 Administrative Fellow


“The Memorial Healthcare System Administrative Fellowship proved to be an incredible learning experience for me. It was an invaluable bridge from the classroom to the workforce with a balance of opportunities to observe and lead. Through this opportunity, I was able to explore various aspects of a large healthcare system. It opened my eyes to the vast opportunities available within healthcare leadership that I could transition into for my career. The mentorship received, lessons learned, and relationships built have been extremely beneficial in my current role and for the foreseeable future. I truly value the investment Memorial makes into the South Florida community. I am honored to continue to serve in the community through my current role in the organization”.

Abbondandolo Ashley

Ashley Abbondandolo, MHA

Admin Director of Strategic Growth and Development

2020- 2021 Administrative Fellow


“The Memorial Healthcare System fellowship program provided me with one of the most meaningful years of my professional career. The fellowship allowed me to grow and develop into the leader I am today. I loved working with and learning from so many leaders across the healthcare system. As a fellow, I felt I was an integral part of the team and always knew I was working on meaningful project work that would have an impact on the organization. The fellowship taught me life lessons that I will continue to carry with me throughout my career”. 

Quintana Roman

Roman Quintana, MSHSA

Director of Strategic Market Intelligence

2017 – 2018 Administrative Fellow


“The Administrative Fellowship at Memorial Healthcare System gave me the opportunity to learn from everyone across the organization. It challenged all that I learned during graduate school by experiencing, first-hand, anything that could happen in the healthcare setting. As part of Memorial’s strategic planning team today, the fellowship provided a foundational understanding of seeing the system as a whole and how strategic decisions can affect all parts of the organization. Even more insightful was the opportunity to be mentored and experience the styles of leaders throughout, which has helped me continue to develop as a person and as a professional”.

Merlucci Jenna Katz

Jenna Katz Merlucci, MHA, FACHE

MRH Director of Cardiac and Vascular Service Line

2013 – 2014 Administrative Fellow


“Looking back on my opportunity to serve as a Fellow for Memorial Healthcare System, I've come to appreciate the experience this program extends to emerging healthcare leaders. The Fellowship provides invaluable insights into the organization's mission, vision, priorities, and approach to providing quality care while ensuring best value for our patients and the hospital.

Over the course of their tenure, fellows develop relationships with providers and leaders in many diverse areas of healthcare operations. Fellows get to see the “why” behind the decisions being made and develop a deeper understanding of the organizational philosophy. What makes this experience truly special is the chance to engage with leaders at every level hospital leadership right up to the senior executive team. Fellows, upon completion are better prepared to transition into an operational role and effectively contribute to the organization. I am grateful for this opportunity that I had, and the Fellowship provided the foundation for my healthcare career”.

Singer Scott

Scott Singer, MHA FACHE

JDCH Associate Administrator

2004-2005 Administrative Fellow 


“The Memorial Fellowship Program really jumpstarted my career. The rotational structure allowed me to see many different leadership styles and provided a great opportunity to be involved in many unique projects. I was able to be part of the opening of Memorial Hospital Miramar. Seeing a brand new hospital welcome its very first patients is an experience that many healthcare professional never have in an entire career. Nearly 20 years later, there are still lessons that I learned in my Fellowship that I apply regularly. Completing the Fellowship Program at Memorial Healthcare System was a great opportunity”.