Plan for a Healthy Pregnancy

August 16, 2021

If you are thinking of having a baby, you can take a few proactive steps to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy. Your pre-pregnancy health is important for both you and your future baby since all your baby’s vital organs will begin to grow in the first eight weeks of pregnancy — some even before you realize you are pregnant.

A very important first step is a pre-pregnancy check-up. During this appointment, you and your physician will go over things like:

Schedule a Pre-pregnancy Check-up with your doctor
  • Your personal health
  • Medications you currently take
  • Your mental health and stress levels
  • Concerns about your pregnancy
  • Vaccines you might need
  • Stopping birth control

Here are other tips on how to get your body and mind ready for pregnancy:

Eat healthy foodsGet at least 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each day  like walking Find stress-relieving techniques that work for you, like meditation, exercise or hobbieStop smoking and drinking which can cause birth defectsIf you have a chronic condition talk to you physician about your treatment. Don't stop or start taking medicines without your provider's advicemake sure you are up to date on all vaccines, the CDC recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for people who are trying to get pregnant

When the time arrives to deliver your baby, you will find a warm, home-like environment with comfortable accommodations at Memorial Family Birthplace. Our team will help you welcome your little one with comprehensive labor and delivery care, online classes, breastfeeding and lactation services, as well as post-labor support groups.

And as your baby grows, you can trust the experts in pediatric specialty care at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, one of the region's leading pediatric hospitals and part of Memorial Healthcare System.

If you are looking for a physician that delivers at one of our hospitals or a pediatrician to care for your little one, you can find the right doctor for you in our physician directory.

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