Foluso Ogunsile, MD

Medical Director, Sickle Cell Medical Home, Memorial Healthcare System.

Sickle Cell, Hematology
Foluso Ogunsile, MD
Foluso Ogunsile, MD

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About Me

Medical Director, Sickle Cell Medical Home, Memorial Healthcare System.

I am a sickle cell specialist and medical director of the Sickle Cell Medical Home at Memorial Healthcare System.

Growing up, one of my siblings had a chronic medical condition and I witnessed firsthand how a chronic illness impacts someone’s life. I also saw how challenging it can be to navigate the healthcare system. It made me want to become a part of the system so I could be of service to people in similar situations and make a difference in their lives. During my residency training, I came across patients with sickle cell disease and realized there was not much knowledge about it outside of the basics. So, I decided to specialize in the disease, hoping to expand the knowledge, address disparities in care and help people navigate the health system to get the care they need.

Sickle cell can be a grueling disease. At Memorial, we are committed to providing a home base where patients can access everything they need. There are so many ways that sickle cell disease can impact peoples’ lives that go beyond medicine. We’re committed to providing comprehensive care that incorporates people’s medical, social and emotional needs and helps people feel and live their best.

When working with patients, I make it a point to get to know them as a whole person — not just their medical history. It’s important to understand their goals and how they want to manage their illness. We make decisions together based on their medical needs, their goals and their lives to help them live successfully with their disease. I love equipping my patients with the support they need to be warriors in the face of their illness.

In addition to providing patient care, I’m involved in medical research focused on improving outcomes and treatments for people living with sickle cell. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise and helping to mentor, teach and train others interested in specializing in the care of patients with sickle cell disease, and serve as an executive board member for the Sickle Cell Disease Adult Sickle Cell Provider Network.



University of Chapel Hill at North Carolina, 2012


Vanderbilt University College Of Medicine, 2016


Johns Hopkins University, 2019


American Board of Internal Medicine-Hematology
American Board of Internal Medicine-Internal Medicine

Awards, Achievements, and More


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My clinical research focuses on expanding our knowledge and insights into sickle cell disease and discovering new treatment options for patients.

Past research projects include:

History of Parvovirus B19 infection is Associated with Silent Cerebral Infarcts
7/2014 to 6/2016 Mentor: Dr. Michael Debaun
Funding: Vanderbilt Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease
Focus: As a secondary analysis of the SIT trial, I studied the prevalence of silent cerebral infarcts in children with sickle cell disease and history of B19 infection. We found that children with a baseline hemoglobin <7 were at greater risk of developing a silent cerebral infarct with B19 infection. I presented an abstract at ASH and published in the Journal of Pediatric Blood Cancer.

Silent Cerebral Infarcts in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease
7/2014 to 6/2016 Mentor: Dr. Adetola Kassim
Funding: Vanderbilt Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease
Focus: The prevalence of silent cerebral infarct is unknown in adults with sickle cell disease. Furthermore, longitudinal changes in brain MRI findings of adults with sickle cell disease is unknown. We reviewed longitudinal findings in brain MRIs of adults with sickle cell disease.

Chronic Lung Disease in People Living with Sickle Cell Disease
7/2014 to 6/2016 Mentors: Dr. Michael R. Debaun & Dr. Adetola Kassim
Funding: Vanderbilt Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease
Focus: We correlated echocardiogram diagnoses of pulmonary hypertension to symptoms of asthma in the Tennessee Neverlost cohort of sickle cell patients.

Mechanisms of Dysfunctional HDL in Familial Hypercholesterolemia
7/2014 to 6/2016 Dr. Macrae Linton and Vanderbilt Lipid Clinic
Funding: NIH/ Vanderbilt Heart Health
Focus: Few mice studies involving biochemical assays to quantify the pro-inflammatory properties of HDL exists. We investigated the function of HDL in FH.
Skills: Implementing system to help recruit patients for study; Educating families and patients on the risk of cardiovascular risk disease

Investigating SNPs involved in the photic sneeze reflex
7/2007 to 6/2008 Dr. Colin Hodgkinson and Laboratory of Neurogenetics
Funding: National Institute of Health/ NIAAA
Dr. Colin Hodgkinson’s lab of Neurogenetics at the NIAA managed numerous sequencing, PCR and epigenetic analyses for schizophrenia, epilepsy and alcoholism. Using SeqScape software, we attempted to find SNPs common in individuals with the photic sneeze reflex. This would ultimately identify the mutation and the gene responsible.

Professional Organizations

  • American Society of Hematology (ASH


  • Ogunsile FJ, Currie KL, Rodeghier M, Kassim A, Debaun MR, Sharma D. Parvovirus B19 Infection Associated with Silent Cerebral Infarct: A secondary analysis of the SIT trial. Abstract and Poster Presentation at ASH, Orlando FL. December 4, 2015
  • Su T, Segal J, Lanzkron SM, Ogunsile FJ. Physician Prescribing Practices in Sickle Cell Disease. Abstract and Poster Presentation at ASH Atlanta, GA, December 3, 2017, and Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Medicine Research Symposium, February 2018
  • Ogunsile FJ, Stewart K, Lanzkron S. Modifiable Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease. Abstract and Poster Presentation at ASH, San Diego, CA, December 1, 2018
  • Ogunsile FJ, Redden D, Harris N, Lebensburger J, Kanter J. Quantitative Assessment of Exercise Activity in Adults with Sickle Cell disease Abstract and Poster Presentation accepted, Atlanta, GA, December 1, 2021


  • Frommeyer Investigative Award (competitive and rigorous training award for physician-scientist to complete research), 2020
  • American Society of Hematology, Clinical Research Training Award, 2019
  • Levi Watkins Jr. Community Service Award (awarded to clinicians dedicated to diversity and serving underserved populations), 2015
  • Student National Medical Association Community Service Grant Winner, 2011
  • UNC Seagraves Community Service Grant Winner, 2011
  • South Carolina Correctional Award (SCCA) Education Award, 2009
  • Assistant Chief Student Marshal, 2006
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Exception Research Opportunity Award Winner, 2006