Emergency Treatment During Family Trip Allows Lewis to Return Home for Recovery

February 14, 2024

Memorial Regional Hospital building

Lewis became unresponsive while on a family trip. The 86-year-old was immediately taken to the closest emergency room at Memorial Regional Hospital.

“From the moment we arrived, a team of ER doctors, nurses and specialists treated Lewis,” said Amely, Lewis’ daughter-in-law. “With immediate and thorough emergency care, Richard Boccio, MD and Kevin Abadi, MD revived him. Then, as Lewis recovered, Zuber Shaikh, MD was invaluable in answering all of our questions and guiding Lewis’ care.” 

While Lewis was receiving treatment, his wife was battling the flu, adding to the family’s stress.

“We knew there was a tight window to be able to get him well enough to be transferred home. Dr. Shaikh even gave me his personal phone number so we could gather all the information that was needed,” said Amely.

After five days, Lewis was transported home to Long Beach, California for the remainder of his rehabilitation.

“We so appreciate the excellent care and support from everyone at Memorial Healthcare System. If they had not been so quick and thorough in their responses, I am certain both of my in-laws would still be in Florida instead of back home,” said Amely.