A Good Start for Nicholas Family Health Journey Is Memorial Urgent Care

October 20, 2022

Nicholas with his father and doctor

For Nicholas, Memorial Urgent Care is a good starting point. "We've been here quite often," Nicholas said, recounting how all his extended family has utilized urgent care.

"The good thing is that when we're here in the system, all the doctors can see what's going on." That is especially important and "very comforting" because Nicholas' son has a rare disorder called Barth syndrome. There is no cure, and treatment focuses on reducing symptoms and preventing complications.

"[Memorial's Urgent Care] is a good starting point to get him checked out," said Nicholas.

"They use us as a quick way to get things diagnosed and move on," said Thomas Mele, MD, Family Medicine, Memorial Urgent Care Center.
"If it might be something that needs further care, we're happy to arrange specialty care or a referral for them."

And that is just what an active family needs. According to Nicholas, Memorial Urgent Care is convenient, but what keeps him coming back is that the team "makes you feel like part of the family."

Nicholas and His Family Start Here For Urgent Care

Nicholas, with doctor
For Nicholas and his son, the team at Memorial Urgent Care treats you like part of the family.