Michael Trusted Memorial Pembroke ER

March 08, 2022

Michael, who had severe internal bleeding

Michael’s daughter, Tiffany, a critical care nurse, didn’t think her dad was going to make it.

Michael agreed: “I figured, well, this is the end,” he said.

“He had a blood vessel that ruptured in his stomach,” explained Boaz Rosenblat, MD, Medical Director, Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital Pembroke.

The team had to move fast. Blood transfusions, calling in a gastroenterologist and surgeons, preparing Michael for emergency surgery — it all happened seamlessly and within minutes.

“It’s a whole collaboration orchestrated through the emergency room,” explained Brett Cohen, MD, Chief, Adult General Surgery at Memorial.

“The emergency room physicians and staff do an amazing job,” he said.

“Without them, I’m not sure he would have made it past the doors,” agreed Tiffany. “He asked EMS to pass three hospitals to come to Memorial Pembroke,” she added.

Now Michael is back to the life he loves.

“If something’s wrong with you, go to Memorial,” said Michael. “Don’t go anywhere else.”

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Michael’s emergency room care and surgery saved his life and got him back to his family and favorite activities.