Memorial Helps David Live a Full Life

November 15, 2017

MCI David

"Cancer used to be a death sentence; now there’s hope." That’s David’s assessment, five years after being diagnosed with stage four terminal lung cancer.

After his diagnosis, David visited Luis Raez, MD, Medical Director, Memorial Cancer Institute. "Dr. Raez told me, ‘Listen, David, we’re going to give you the best medicine we have."

For three years, his condition was stabilized with chemotherapy. In the fourth year, the first targeted therapy pill for lung cancer came on the market. Dr. Raez prescribed it for David and since then has been using targeted medications to care for him.

Without the side effects of chemotherapy, targeted therapy has greatly improved David’s quality of life.

"I’m able to live a full life, thanks to all this technology and all this research, David said. "My little girl, she just turned 18. I didn’t think that I was going to live to see her turn 15."

Stronger Than Lung Cancer, With Memorial Cancer Institute

When David experienced shortness of breath and a gurgling in his chest, he went to see Luis Raez, MD, at Memorial Cancer Institute.