Spine Surgery Story Sandra

May 03, 2017


A competitive equestrian, Sandra was thrown from her horse during a practice lesson.

“After I laid down for about half an hour, they tried to sit me up,” she said. “I couldn’t; the pain was too much.”

Sandra had suffered a severe lumbar burst fracture. A bone in her spine shattered, causing a collapse of the vertebrae, and compression on part of the nerve roots and the lower part of the spinal cord.

Sandra’s everyday extraordinary care at Memorial Neuroscience Institute included a spinal fusion, performed by Daniel Aghion, MD, neurosurgeon. Screws stabilized the fracture. Dr. Aghion is hopeful that Sandra will be able to resume horseback riding after her body concludes stabilizing the affected area.

“He really gets involved with a patient,” said Sandra. “He makes sure that, if you need him, he’s there.”

Sandra is eager to get back in the saddle.

“Right now, I don’t even feel like I had a surgery,” she said.

Painful Fall from Horse, Spine Injury Leads Sandra to Memorial

Sandra was thrown from her horse, shattering a bone in her spine. Learn how a spinal fusion surgery was able to help her.