Ira and Memorial are Writing a New Story of Relief After 50 Years of Pain

Ira and his wife

Ira said he walked like a hundred-year-old man—the result of living with pain for 50 years.

“I came into [the clinic] all hunched over. [I said].‘You got to do something, doc.’ And he did.”

Ira worked in his father’s hardware store and delivered hundred-pound sacks full of supplies such as sand and concrete. He would load one sack on one shoulder and a second on the other shoulder, “not realizing how it would hurt me,” Ira recounted.

Ira’s arthritis, spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and spine disease were severe cases, according to his physicians at the Memorial Neuroscience Institute.

“Surgery went fantastic,” Ira said. “The seven days I was in the hospital, [the doctor] came to see me every single day, including Thanksgiving. And this was during Covid.”

Today, Ira is standing tall and going to the gym after completing physical therapy at Memorial Rehabilitation Institute. He now has an active lifestyle. His wife says, “It’s like none of it ever happening.” His story of pain has been completely rewritten.


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