Memorial Hospital West Certified as a Comprehensive Stroke Center

July 21, 2022

MHW DNV Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center

Memorial Hospital West has been designated a Comprehensive Stroke Center by DNV Healthcare USA, an independent certification and quality assurance provider. The certification recognizes the Pembroke Pines-based hospital possesses the highest level of competence for the treatment of serious strokes, meeting all the standards set by the American Stroke Association.

In 2018, Memorial Hospital West, part of the Memorial Healthcare System, was the first in Florida to be certified as a Thrombectomy Capable Stroke Center by offering life-saving neuro-interventional treatments for severe strokes caused by blockages of arteries in the brain. Since then, the hospital has expanded its services to treat complex strokes, including those from ruptured aneurysms that cause bleeding in the brain. Being able to manage all types of strokes is an important aspect of becoming designated as a Comprehensive Stroke Center. It affirms Memorial West offers the full spectrum of stroke care – diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and education – and has established clear metrics and protocols to achieve good outcomes.

“Certification as a Comprehensive Stroke Center recognizes that we deliver the highest quality care in the most complex cases by offering evidence-based therapies with the latest research protocols,” said Brijesh Mehta, MD, a neurointerventional surgeon and medical director of Memorial’s Comprehensive Stroke program. “We’re very proud of our neurointerventional, neurosurgical, emergency medicine, critical care, neurology, and neuro nursing teams that made this highest level of achievement possible.”

Comprehensive Stroke Centers (CSC) are typically the largest and best-equipped hospitals in a geographical area and can treat any kind of stroke or stroke complication, according to DNV. “Achieving certification shows commitment to excellence, and it helps demonstrate to your community that you are performing at the highest level,” said the accreditation and certification organization’s president, Patrick Horine.

CSC hospitals include those with the personnel, infrastructure, and expertise to diagnose and treat stroke patients who require intensive medical and surgical care, specialized tests, or interventional therapies.