Memorial Hospital Miramar Family Birthplace Offers Hypnobirthing Class

September 29, 2021

pregnant woman sitting in yoga pose

Labor pain is one of the biggest fears for all pregnant women, but the technique known as HypnoBirthing®: The Mongan Method can dramatically change that. The philosophy behind the method is based on using the power of the mind to manage pain.

Memorial Hospital Miramar Family Birthplace now offers the HypnoBirthing®: The Mongan Method online class for patients and their partners.

According to Luisa Shulruff, the specialist in HypnoBirthing®: The Mongan Method who coordinates the class program at Memorial Hospital Miramar, overcoming your childbirth fears is an essential component. “When you are not afraid, you are not tense, your muscles are relaxed and the labor process is quick and less traumatic,” says the instructor.

The program consists of five classes, two and a half hours each, during which both expectant mothers and their partners learn breathing, meditation and affirmation techniques to arrive at a state of connection with the body and the baby who is about to be born.

Memorial Hospital Miramar patient, Martha Esperon learned in the class that, “the mind is a powerful thing and hypnobirthing teaches you how to control it and relax your body. The visualizations were powerful, and it definitely lessened the pain of childbirth to a massive degree.”

“I wanted my baby to be born in a peaceful environment,” says Martha, who took HypnoBirthing®: The Mongan Method classes at Memorial Hospital Miramar.

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