Anthony Overcomes Back Pain at Memorial Neuroscience Institute


Anthony felt a twinge in his back while his son helped him stretch. The next day, he was in severe pain.

“It hurt so much, I felt like I had to drag my leg to get around,” Anthony said. “I couldn’t work. I was really worried.”

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Datasource: Spine and Anthony

After an MRI, Christopher DeMassi, MD, Medical Director at Memorial Neuroscience Institute Spine Center, discussed options with Anthony.

“He had a significant disc herniation, producing significant compression of a nerve that controls part of the function of his leg,” Dr. DeMassi said. “He was pretty debilitated by it.”

Dr. DeMassi performed a far lateral discectomy, a minimally invasive technique that helped avoid extensive trauma and fusion.

“He helped me understand why I needed the surgery,” Anthony said. “It wasn’t just, ‘You need surgery; we’ll schedule it.’”

Anthony went home the same day, and quickly returned to work and his normal lifestyle. “Just knowing that you’re able to support your family again is huge,” he said.