Delivering a Baby During a Pandemic

July 29, 2020

mom who delivered baby during global pandemic

As a mom-to-be plans for the arrival of a child, whether it is their first or not, she has a set of expectations, or dreams, of how the delivery should go, but COVID-19 changed a lot of that.

I was scheduled for a repeat cesarean on the morning of March 31, just two weeks after the “Stay at Home” orders were put in place. The last thing I needed was more stress; but COVID-19 did not stop for anyone. I began to fear being a patient in a hospital where COVID-19 cases were present.

The days leading up to the birth of my son during this global pandemic were filled with too many tears to measure. That is why I want to help other moms feel a bit more at ease.

Jessica and Baby Aden

I wondered if my husband would be allowed to accompany me and worried about possibly having to deliver alone. I was experiencing an immense amount of additional anxiety.

Childbirth during COVID-19 read what we are doing to keep you safeAs I arrived at the hospital on the date of delivery, my anxiety level began to lower as I saw all the safety procedures in place. I commend all the hospital employees for their professionalism during these times; they were not only focused on keeping themselves safe, but keeping the patients safe too.

My cesarean went smoothly, and before I knew it, I was safely in my room on the Family Birthplace floor with my husband and newborn son. The nurses were all extra compassionate and supportive.

My husband and I found it to be almost a blessing in disguise that visitors were not allowed as it gave us all the time we needed, uninterrupted, to bond with our baby.

Was it scary as things might be at this time? Yes! It is normal to be worried? Yes, but I felt supported and safe.

Will everything be ok? Absolutely! Just look for the silver lining. After all, you are about to meet one of the biggest loves of your life.

I hope this message helps you feel a little less scared. You are going to do wonderful!

Jessica and Baby Aden

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