Core Value Awards Presented to Employees

November 18, 2019

Memorial Staff

commissioners presenting monthly employee award

A nurse who is a champion for those with special needs and a Memorial occupational therapist, who jumped into action during the aftermath of a horrific traffic crash, became the first two Memorial Healthcare System employees to be honored with a new monthly employee award.

Tonya Fox-Shaw, RN, a system coordinator for special needs, was the first to be recognized with the newly-created Board of Commissioners Excellence in Core Values Award for her outstanding work in her area. Excellence in Core Values Award

Alexandra Taylor, who works at Memorial Regional Hospital, earned her accolade for her recent heroics outside of the hospital.

South Broward Hospital District Board of Commissioners, led by Chairman Vic Narang, created the prestigious honor for employees who display excellence in the Core Values, which are the foundation of our Memorial culture, such as integrity, teamwork, respect, compassion, innovation, efficiency, caring and commitment.

Me&Memorial will feature the winners each month.

Below are the stories of the first two award recipients. Each employee was recognized in recent board meetings.

Tonya Fox-Shaw

Tonya Fox-Shaw is a Registered Nurse who has worked for Memorial for 18 years. She received her honor first in September.

In her role as the Coordinator for Special Needs, she has responsibility for assuring we create a safe and welcoming environment for our patients, families and employees with Special Needs.

She works closely with our Chief Compliance Officer to insure adherence to ADA requirements and partners with the CNOs and their designees to equip our clinical areas with adaptive communication devices, resources for interpreting and technology to support interpreting as well as certified interpreters.

Tonya Fox-Shaw Earns Commissioners Excellence in Core Values Award Tonya collaborates closely with the Patient- and Family-Centered Care (PFCC) Team of advisors to incorporate patients' and families’ needs into everything she does.
She trains leaders and staff throughout the system in “Embracing PossAbiities” as well as diversity and inclusion, making us all aware of ways we can make our organization a place that is conducive to acceptance and belonging.

Among her many contributions, Tonya has a high level of compassion, caring and commitment that manifests each year for the past 17 years in the JDCH Special Needs Family Fun Fest.

Tonya organizes hundreds of volunteers and vendors to create a wonderful day for families who have children with special needs. Families are able to connect with the many valuable resources needed to assist their children to reach their potential.

This year had the biggest turnout ever. It is a day filled with music, dancing, singing, artwork, portraits but most importantly unbridled joy.

In addition, each year she hosts a Holiday Fun Fair, where employees, who have children with special needs, can drop off their children for a wonderful day of fun, games and a special visit from Santa.

Again, she organizes volunteers who care for the children and provide appropriate activities so that parents can have a few hours to do holiday shopping, go to the movies, or just spend time together on their own.

Tonya works tirelessly as an advocate for and resource to our most vulnerable population without ever an expectation of recognition. This award is greatly deserved for the unparalleled difference she makes in the lives of those who need her special touch.

Alexandra Taylor

Alex was on her way to work in April when she noticed a few people standing near the intersection of southbound 441 and Johnson Street.

Amanda Taylor Earns Commissioners Excellence in Core Values AwardShe then saw someone laying on the ground while bystanders appeared to be panicking.

Alex noticed a bicycle laying on its side near the man and assumed this was a bicycle accident of some sort. No rescue was in sight and nobody was tending to the man lying on the ground.

Alex ran over to help and immediately discovered that the man sustained a serious head injury.

Alex quickly took charge, instructing the onlookers to make sure he stayed awake. She then took quick control of the scene, assigning other bystanders to take action.

Shortly after the police officer arrived, Hollywood Fire Rescue arrived to continue compressions and place him on a stretcher and transported him to Memorial Regional.

After giving her information to police, Alex noticed a different man covered in blood looking very distraught. She learned it was the driver of the car that hit the cyclist. Alex then provided comfort to this gentleman as well.

Knowing that she had to be at work, Alex wiped her arms with baby wipes, got into her car and drove to work.

Unfortunately, the patient later died of his injuries after he was transported to Memorial Regional. The patient was taken off life-support after his family gathered around him to say their last thoughts. With the family's permission, Alex shared some of the events of the accident, which gave the family closure.

Although Alex was very saddened by the outcome, she is thankful that she was able to assist in allowing his family to say their goodbyes.

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