David’s Fast Memorial Stroke Treatment

David, stroke patient

“I never thought this would happen to me,” said David, 39, who had a stroke.

David’s doctor, Haris Kamal, MD, neuro-interventionalist, Memorial Neuroscience Institute, says that we used to think stroke was a disease of the elderly but not anymore. Doctors are seeing strokes in all age groups.

With his arm locking up and trouble with his speech, David called 911.

In the Memorial ER, brain scans revealed a blood vessel blockage. Dr. Kamal and his Memorial team worked fast to open David’s blocked artery in under 15 minutes. David showed immediate signs of improvement.

A wonderful recovery like David’s drives all of us to do this daily, Dr. Kamal says, adding that Memorial routinely treats patients more quickly than national standards with quality outcomes. That’s why Memorial is a Florida and national leader in stroke treatment.

David is living proof. “I need to be here for my kids,” he says, adding that Dr. Kamal gave him peace and reassurance that everything would be all right.

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