Fast Action by Young Son Saves Linda’s Life from Stroke

linda stroke testimonial

Linda and her son, Lance, were watching TV together when “I felt a pop in my brain,” Linda said.

The right side of her face drooped, her speech was slurred and, when she tried to walk, she fell. Linda was having a stroke. All Lance knew was that something was very wrong with his mom. The brave 10-year-old called 911 for help.

Linda was taken to the county’s only Comprehensive Stroke Center at Memorial Regional Hospital.

“She received the clot-busting medication called IV tPA,” said Norman Ajiboye, MD, neurointerventional surgeon. He also performed a mechanical thrombectomy in the cath lab to remove a clot in Linda’s brain.

Three days later, she was home and fully recovered — thanks to the fast action of her son, Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue and the Memorial Neuroscience team.

“I’m just so happy because I gave my son life and now he gave me my life back,” Linda said.

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