Abiodun Orija, MD

Orija Abiodun
Critical Care Medicine
Primary Office
Address 3501 Johnson Street
Third Floor
Hollywood, FL 33021

About Me

I am a cardiac critical care physician at Memorial Healthcare System. I care for patients in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit suffering from heart failure, preparing for or recovering from cardiac surgery (including transplants), with mechanical cardiac support, extracorporeal life support, and a variety of other serious conditions.

My parents – who are both doctors – inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. Growing up, I saw firsthand how they touched the lives of their patients. They not only provided medical care, but offered compassionate guidance to families as they went through difficult times due to the ailing health of a loved one. Watching the impact they had on our community, I knew I wanted to help others in the same way.

I love both the scientific and social aspects of medicine. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out what is ailing someone and how I can help them feel better. I also love the relationships that develop with my patients and their families. I pride myself on being there for my family and promise to do the same for yours.

Before moving to South Florida, I lived in many places including Nigeria, England, the Caribbean, Ohio, Louisiana, Arizona, Maryland and Oklahoma. I enjoy working with physicians from all over the world at Memorial. We bring a variety of experiences and expertise, and together, are able to meet the unique needs of our patients.
When I am not in the hospital, I enjoy reading non-fiction history books, martial arts, working out and spending time with my fiancée. 


  • St George's University School Of Medicine, 2005
  • Aultman Hospital, 2007, Internal Medicine
  • Aultman Hospital, 2009, Internal Medicine
  • John Hopkins University, 2015, Cardiac Surgery
  • Louisiana State University Medical Center, 2011, Critical Care Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine-Critical Care Medicine



While I am not currently involved in medical research, I have participated in a variety of studies aimed at improving our understanding of medical illnesses and perfecting our approach to care for critically ill patients. 

Some of these projects include: 

  • Controlling Diarrhea in the CVSICU (Quality Improvement Project):  Orija A, Brown T, Crow J, Davis, Dodd-O J, Sussman S, Whitman G
  • Clinical Outcomes associated with temporary epicardial pacing after cardiac surgery Primary Investigator: Whitman G. Co-Investigators: Paufler P, Orija A, Ohkuma R, Schneider E
  • Surrogate markers of clinical disease predict patient morbidity and mortality prior to initiation of ECMO Primary Investigator: Sciortino C. Co-Investigators: Orija A, Paufler P.
  • ELAD 206: Efficacy and Safety of Extra-Corporeal Liver Assist Device in subjects with acute on chronic Hepatitis. Primary Investigator: Conrad S. Sub-Investigators: Cantwell S, Orija A, Patel P, Grier L, Scott LK. Sponsor: Vital Therapies/LSUHSC Extracorporeal Life Support Services. Sponsor: Vital Therapies International.
  • ADOPT: A phase 3, Randomized double blind, Parallel Group Multicenter Study of the safety & efficacy of Apixaban for prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism in acutely ill medical subjects during and following hospitalization. Primary Investigator: Conrad S. Sub-Investigators: Orija A, Patel P, Cantwell S, Patel P, Grier L, Scott LK.. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.  Sponsor: Bristol-Myers Squibb.
  • Efficacy & tolerability of Initiation of Enteral Nutrition at Goal Rate vs. gradual rate to goal in Critically Ill Patients. Primary Investigator: Conrad S. Sub-Investigators: Patel P, Cantwell S, Orija A, Nandwani V, Grier L, Scott LK. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. 
  • Risk of Hypoglycemia in a Medical Intensive Care Unit implementing a Glycemic Control Protocol Nooka A, Orija A, AbouJeily C, Hansaria V, Janamanchi V, Boutros N. Canton Medical Education Foundation January 2007 –  July 2009. 
  • The Role of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice in the development of Chloroquine-resistant malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.             Supervised by: Dr Z.G Abbass, Muhimbili Medical School, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania   June 2002 – August 2002    
  • The Immunohistopathology of Psoriatic Arthritis.   Supervised by Dr D.J Veale, Department of Rheumatology at the Leeds General Infirmary, University of Leeds Medical School, Leeds, England.        September 1998 – April 1999

Articles & Publications

  • Orija A, McCarthy P. Extracorporeal Therapies in Neurocritical Care -Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in the Neurointensive Care Unit. Prepared for presentation at the 11th Annual Neurocritical Care Conference 2014.
  • Orija A, McCarthy P, Scott LK. The Effect of Prescription and Absorption on Anti-epileptic Concentrations in Ex Vivo CRRT Model. Poster Presentation, 17th Annual CRRT Meeting 2012.
    Orija A, Jenks C.  Nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor induced lactic acidosis treated with continuous renal replacement in the medical intensive care unit. Crit Care & Shock 2012; 15(1): 9 – 11 
  • Orija A, Nandwani V, Wiggle R, Grier L, Scott LK, Conrad S. Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation in the Management of the Poly-Trauma patient with severe ARDS. Poster Session, 40th Critical Care Congress. January 2011.
  • Nandwani V, Orija A, Kondapaneni M, McCarthy P, Grier L, Scott LK. Severe Digoxin Cardiotoxicity Treated with Digoxin Immune Fab and Plasma Exchange. Poster Session, 40th Critical Care Congress. January 2011.
  • Orija A, Scott LK, Conrad SA. Early Enteral Nutrition and Caloric Goals in Adult ECMO patients. Abstract presentation at Extra Corporeal Life Support Organization 21st Annual Meeting, September 2010.
  • Patel P, Cantwell S, Orija A, Nandwani V, Scott K, McCarthy P, Conrad S, Grier L.  Use of total plasma exchange (TPE) in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) secondary to H1N1: A case series.  – Poster Presentation 15th International Conference on Continuous Renal Repalcement Therapies 2010
  • Orija A, Degenhard A, Rajan J.Bilateral Superior Vena Cava and its possible implications in a dialysis dependent patient. Poster presented at: 4th Annual Scientific Session of the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology, February 2008.  Orija A, Degenhard A, Rajan J.Bilateral Superior Vena Cava and its possible implications in a dialysis dependent patient Seminars in Dialysis 2009; 22(2): 209 – 211
  • Kafuuma R, Orija A, Nelson K, Sabota R, Kobe M. Trends in the Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of MRSA at a Community Hospital in North East Ohio. Poster presented at: American College of Physicians, Ohio; Columbus, OH October 2008 
  • Orija A, Muthusamy M, Sheka K. Bile Duct Adenoma Masquerading as Gallbladder Cancer. Reid V, Contemp Surg. 2005; 61(2):75-7


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