Juan Arenas, MD

Juan Arenas
Kidney Transplant - Pediatric and Adult
Primary Office
Address 1150 N 35th Avenue
Suite 390
Hollywood, FL 33021

About Me

Chief, Surgical Kidney Transplantation, Memorial Transplant Institute

Chief, Solid Organ Transplant, Memorial Transplant Institute

I specialize in treating patients with kidney and liver failure; remove benign and malignant tumors of the liver and the biliary tract; and specialize in minimally invasive removal of kidneys for kidney donation in transplantation or otherwise.

I felt the value of community service and the desire to help people early on. My father, a general surgeon, focused on personal patient care and has been a great role model to me. Now, as a transplant surgeon myself, I cherish the impact my work has on my patients. I have become close with many of them, as we continue to celebrate their “transplant birthdays” together. Undergoing an organ transplant is life changing – not only for the patient but also for their families and their loved ones. Watching their transformation inspires me to work harder, despite a difficult and taxing schedule.

I love working at Memorial Healthcare System because our comprehensive team works in partnership to provide excellent care to all the patients. I have earned a reputation for taking on the most challenging cases and I couldn’t do it without my “Memorial team.” We work closely together to ensure that patients’ unique needs are met and we utilize our robust resource system to provide high-quality care. Our goal is to make your journey as easy as possible and help you live your very best life. 


  • Universidad El Bosque, 1987
  • Penn State/Milton Hershey Med Ctr, 1992, Surgery
  • Penn State/Milton Hershey Med Ctr, 1996, Surgery
  • University Of Pennsylvania, 1997, Transplant Surgery
American Board of Surgery-Surgery
  • Spanish




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In addition to my clinical career, I have dedicated my life to advancing research aimed at organ preservation and regeneration. My hope is to someday bridge the gap between the limited number of donor organs and the number of patients awaiting life-saving transplants, while potentially minimizing the use of immunosuppression.


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