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Kidney Transplant

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Trusted Care, Proven Experience: Kidney Transplants at Memorial

A kidney transplant is life saving and life changing. It’s also a challenging process. We’re with you every step of the way — from evaluation and surgery to recovery and beyond.

We’re the only hospital in Broward County offering kidney transplants for adults and children with kidney failure (end-stage renal disease). Plus, our program often offers the shortest time to transplant in the region. Reach out to us today to get started and find out if you’re a candidate for a kidney transplant.

Our expert transplant team offers many types of kidney transplant options:

  • Living donor transplants and deceased donor transplants
  • Adult and pediatric kidney transplant
  • Pre-emptive kidney transplant for certain patients before dialysis
  • Kidney paired donation
  • Living kidney donation

To make an appointment or learn more about our personalized approach to kidney transplantation or kidney donation, call


Kidney Transplant FAQs

How do I Get Started?

You can call our transplant team at 954-265-7450 to start the process. We accept referrals from patients or their doctors.

Watch our kidney transplant education video or have your doctor use our kidney transplant referral form.

Am I Eligible for a Kidney Transplant?

There are many factors that determine who is eligible for a transplant. We’ll reach out to you or your doctor after we receive your referral. You’ll meet with our transplant team and have a thorough evaluation to see if you’re a good candidate.

Learn more about the kidney transplant process.

What Types of Transplants do You Offer?

Our surgeons are experienced at performing many types of kidney transplants. Our team also focuses on innovative approaches to find donor matches for our patients.

Find out more about the types of kidney transplant we offer.

What Types of Kidney Disease do You Treat?

Our nephrologists (kidney experts) and transplant surgeons treat a number of conditions, including kidney failure, kidney cancer, glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease and autoimmune diseases.

Find out more about the kidney diseases we treat.

How Will You Help Me and My Family Through This Process?

We understand you can’t do this alone. You’ll have your own transplant coordinator to guide you through evaluation, transplant surgery and ongoing follow-up care. We also offer transplant education, support groups, social workers and interpreter services.

Read more about our resources for patients and families.

Do You Perform Pediatric Kidney Transplants?

Yes, children receive treatment from the pediatric kidney transplant specialists at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Who Can Donate a Kidney?

Almost any adult in good health can donate a kidney. In many cases, you can donate a kidney to someone of a different race, sex or blood type, thanks to recent advances in donor matching. At Memorial Transplant Institute, our thorough donor evaluation process makes sure a donor is in sufficient physical and mental shape to safely undergo donor surgery.

Learn more about how to donate a kidney.

Kidney living donor hugging patient

Georgia Kidney Donor Steps Up for Florida Patient

When Rhonda's coworker, John, learned that her kidney was failing, he came from Georgia to Florida to donate one of his kidneys to help her.

To make an appointment or learn more about our personalized approach to kidney transplantation or kidney donation, call

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Our Kidney Transplant Program

To make an appointment or learn more about our personalized approach to kidney transplantation or kidney donation, call

Kidney Transplant Education

Kidney Transplant Education

Marilyn’s Kidney Transplant Story

Marilyn’s Kidney Transplant Story

See how our kidney transplant team and a generous donor helped Marilyn to receive a successful kidney transplant and how it has changed her life.
Ludnie's Heart Transplant Story

Ludnie's Heart Transplant Story

Suffering from severe heart failure as a teen, Ludnie turned to our heart transplant specialists.
Ben’s Living Donor Kidney Transplant Story

Ben’s Living Donor Kidney Transplant Story

See how a generous kidney donor and a successful transplant at Memorial Transplant Institute changed Ben’s life
Save or Improve a Life – Be a Kidney Donor

Save or Improve a Life – Be a Kidney Donor

Learn about the difference you can make by becoming a kidney donor.
Antwon's New Kidney

Antwon's New Kidney

A young millennial couple, Antwon's wife Jequita gives him her kidney when he became sick shortly after they were married.
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