Types of Kidney Transplants We Offer

There's more than one way to perform a kidney transplant. At Memorial Transplant Institute, our surgeons skillfully perform a range of kidney transplant surgeries. Our organ transplant expertise and innovative approach to donor matching help us make life-saving kidney transplantation possible for more people in Broward County and South Florida.

Kidney Transplant Options at Memorial Transplant Institute

Our skilled surgeons have years of experience performing innovative, complex transplant procedures.
These include:

  • deceased kidney donor iconDeceased kidney donor transplant: This type of kidney transplant uses an organ from a deceased donor. All people eligible for a kidney transplant go on a national waiting list. The list matches organs from deceased donors with individuals in need of a transplant, based on different criteria such as the severity of their condition. Because there are more people in need of a kidney than available organs, most people wait at least three years for a deceased donor kidney.

  • living kidney donor iconLiving kidney donor transplant: When possible, we prefer to match our patients with a suitable living kidney donor. A living kidney donor transplant offers many benefits over deceased kidney donor transplants. For example, a living donor kidney could function for twice as long as an organ from a deceased donor. Learn more about the selfless act of living kidney donation.

  • paired kidney donation iconKidney paired donation: Sometimes, testing shows that a patient and their preferred living kidney donor aren't a suitable match. In this case, we connect patients with national paired-kidney exchange programs, which helps identify strong patient-donor matches.

  • pediatric kidney transplant iconPediatric kidney transplant: The pediatric-trained specialists at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital provide specialized care for children who need a kidney transplant. As our young patients become teenagers, they transition to our adult program, ensuring seamless transplant care over their entire lifetime. Learn more about pediatric kidney transplant.

  • premptive kidney transplant iconPre-emptive kidney transplant: Some patients with stage 5 chronic kidney disease may be considered for pre-emptive kidney transplant. In this case, we can often perform kidney transplant surgery before a patient starts dialysis.

  • Double transplant capabilities: Because some anti-rejection drugs can harm the kidneys, heart transplant patients sometimes require a subsequent kidney transplant. We offer those patients the benefit of consistent, seamless care throughout both transplants.

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