Physical Therapy at Home

In response to patient preferences, Memorial Rehabilitation Institute is expanding outpatient physical therapy (PT) access. The new program, called Memorial Physical Therapy at Home Powered byMemorial Physical Therapy at Home Powered by Luna Luna®, brings expert physical therapy directly to you in your home. It's a great option for patients and families seeking convenient, accessible physical therapy.

How Physical Therapy at Home Works

Physical therapist helping patient with exercises

You will be matched with a licensed therapist who's an expert in your condition. During your session, your therapist will bring all the necessary equipment to you!

After an examination and diagnosis, your PT will develop an individualized care plan to promote the ability to move, reduce pain and restore function.

Why Choose Memorial Physical Therapy at Home?

Important features of Memorial Physical Therapy at Home Powered by Luna include the following:

  • Available 7 days per week, 6:30 a.m.–9:30 p.m.
  • 45-55 minutes of 1:1 care
  • Not home health — patient doesn’t have to be homebound
  • App-based appointments and therapist communications
  • Most insurances are accepted, call us to verify 
  • Self-pay $125 per visit

Ready to Schedule?

Memorial is pleased to offer outstanding PT services 7-days a week in the privacy, comfort and convenience of our patients’ homes. For more information or to schedule an at-home physical therapy session with Luna, our at-home PT partner, please call 954-951-1782 or visit