Youth Sports Programs

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Young athletes, ages 6 to 18, can improve their skills and physical condition with the youth programs offered by the Sports Center at Memorial Fitness Center. Our programs foster character development and self confidence through dedication, discipline and enthusiasm.

All youth training programs are offered at Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center.

For more information, please call 954-844-1064.


Camps at Memorial Sports Center offer young athletes the chance to advance their skills and performance. Our professional instructors improve technical abilities and physical strength. We also focus on fun and sportsmanship.

What to Expect

  • Safe, welcoming environment that promotes having fun while learning
  • All staff members are trained in CPR and basic first aid
  • All camp activities are held on-site at Memorial Sports Center
  • Players of all skill levels are welcome

Baseball and Softball Strength Training

Exercise physiologist and former Major League Baseball player, Bruce Aven, designed our Baseball and Softball Strength Training Program to develop players’ strengths, speed and attitudes.

swinging bat

Nearly 20 of the student athletes we’ve worked with have been drafted by Major League Baseball and many others have been signed by major universities in the region.

What to Expect

Training complements our Baseball and Softball Skill Development program, and includes:

  • Emphasis on setting and reaching performance goals
  • Staff members understand the challenges athletes face
  • In-season and off-season workout programs

Baseball and Softball Skill Development

We offer personalized coaching that makes a real difference in your game. Our team focuses on developing the technical, tactical, physical and mental skills that make great baseball and softball players.

What to Expect

Our Baseball and Softball Skill Development Program is designed to improve:

  • Hitting: Adjust your swing to help you get that big hit regularly
  • Pitching: Learn the proper way to throw, develop pitches, locate pitches and strengthen your arm
  • Fielding: Learn proper fielding mechanics 

Contact Memorial's Sports Center

Call 954-844-7125 for registration, class schedules and cost information.