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Our team of experts gives you personalized attention and encouragement focused on you and your needs and abilities. We are not here to judge you. We’re here to help.

Membership Details

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  • When you join, our team will outline all available membership options.
  • We’ll help you determine which type of membership and payment plan is best for you.
  • Your application will be processed on the spot to get you started immediately.
  • We offer memberships with no long-term contracts or commitment.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly passes are available to give you the flexibility you need without sacrificing quality and safety.
  • Membership gives you access to both Fitness Center locations with a wide range of equipment, programs and classes.

Your Fitness Program

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As a fitness member, you’ll receive an assessment and a fitness plan based on your goals and unique needs. We periodically review your program with you to ensure it continues to reflect your fitness level and the progress you’ve made.

Join Free for One Week

To experience the atmosphere at Memorial Fitness Centers, join us for one week at no charge.

  • Download a free, one-week guest pass to visit our facilities, take a class and meet our team.
  • Please present your valid photo ID along with your copy of the pass.
  • This offer is valid for people age 18 and older.

Download Our Fitness App

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Get help reaching your health and fitness goals with our Memorial Fitness App. This free app gives you quick, easy and convenient access to:

  • Check in to both Fitness Center locations
  • View current class schedules
  • Sign up for specialized classes
  • Manage your Fitness Center membership

Download the fitness app today and get one step closer to a healthier future.