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Temporary Closure of Fitness Centers

Due to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) response recommendations, we will temporarily close the gyms, and cancel personal training and group fitness classes starting Saturday, March 14, 2020 until further notice.

Please call Memorial Regional Fitness Center at 954-265-5800 or Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center at 954-844-7125 if you have any questions.

The following services are not affected by the temporary closure:

  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Pulmonary Rehab

Memorial Fitness Centers offer a variety of classes geared to all ages and fitness levels. Both locations feature a wide range of private, duet and group fitness classes.

Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center includes a heated pool for aquatic classes, swimming lessons, and recreational and therapeutic purposes.

Class Calendars

Download calendars below for a full listing of the classes available at each of our Fitness Centers.

Memorial Regional Hospital Fitness Center

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For more information about classes, call Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center at 954-844-7125.

Memorial Hospital West Fitness Center

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For more information about classes, call Memorial Regional Hospital Fitness Center at 954-265-5800.

Class Descriptions

MRH Fitness Center

ARMS & ABS: Get the sculpted arms and shoulders you've always wanted while challenging the muscles of your abdominals and lower back in this intense 30-minute workout. Start now and have that tank top ready body year round.

AX-CORE GOLD: Dynamic and easy to follow class makes use of the Axion-Trainer, a hand held fitness tool which works on the principle of 'reaction impact'.  Not only is this workout fun to do but also scientifically proven effective.

BALL BLAST: Strengthen your muscles; improve your balance, full body strength, range of motion and balance with the ball.

BAR & TRX: Use both TRX bands and Body Bars to tone and sculpt your muscles. Learn how to use these two great toning tools safely and effectively.

BODY FORGING: A mixture of Yoga, Pilates, Mixed Martial Arts and Tai Chi, this class focuses on strength, flexibility and balance.

BUTTS & LEGS: Designed to improve strength and toning of your lower body.

CARDIO STRENGTH: Improve your fitness level, balance, coordination, flexibility, dexterity and agility, while burning fat calories and strengthening muscles.

100% CYCLE: 50-minute endurance cycling class incorporates fun and motivating music to create an energetic, high energy workout.

DANCE BALLET ADULT: Discover dance rhythms in the music, and in your body as well. This class can help you develop coordination, posture and balance on the barre, while incorporating stretching and strengthening exercises that focus on the position of your arms, legs and feet. Open for all ages.

DANCE FOR PARKINSON’S (Power Chair): Focuses on improving flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.

DANCE FOR PARKINSON’S (Balancing and Movement): Intermediate level class that focuses on increasing your strength.

DANCE FOR PARKINSON’S (Sit and Fun): Upbeat class where you can dance while sitting and still get a beneficial workout as if you were on your feet.

DANCE MIX: High energy class is a combination of cardio, exercising, and developing both coordination and rhythm through dance. Enjoy the music styles and find the passion within yourself to move inside of the music.

DAVINCI BOARD: Combines strengthening, stretching and sculpting for an all-over gentle workout. Participants are limited to five (5) people who must call to reserve a board.

GENTLE YOGA: Experience gentle stretches, breathing exercises, mental imagery, soft lights and soothing music. Join us for 50 minutes of total relaxation.

GOAL GETTERS: Experience a complete body workout with specialized equipment including the Davinci Board, TRX, roller boards, boxing bags, active motion bars, jump rope and more. Engage in a new workout every 2 weeks to assure you get a consistent, well planned class. Ask the front desk about joining our private Goal Getters Facebook page to connect with other participants and your coaches.

KETTLEBELL: Kettlebells are some of the most powerful tools for improving your fitness and physique. They combine strength training, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. As a result, you spend less time working out, yet get extraordinary results. This class includes beginners and experienced participants.

KUNDALINI YOGA: Encompasses and draws from all types of yoga techniques, including breath, yoga postures, sound and meditation. This class can help to strengthen your nervous, glandular and immune systems as well as help to improve your flexibility.

MAT PILATES: Focuses on core strength (e.g., abs, gluts, hips and back) and flexibility using slow, controlled movements.

PI / YO BASICS: Beginner’s class for instruction into mat Pilates / Yoga combination.

PILATES WITH STRENGTHENING: Incorporates low-impact cardio and core strengthening using different sized weights. You will enjoy both traditional Pilate’s moves with creative ab and back exercises.

SIT & TONE: Combination of standing and seated exercises using weights, gliders, balls and Pilates rings to add variety to the movement.

STRENGTH WITH STABILITY BALL: Combines body weight, free weights, and bars with the stability ball to both add strength and balance to your fitness routine.

STRONG BY ZUMBA: Combines high intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation.

SUPER CYCLE CIRCUIT: This class lasts one hour and 15 minutes and alternates between a cardiovascular exercise (i.e., riding a stationary bike) and weight training or body sculpting.

VINYASA YOGA: All levels yoga class that focuses on synchronizing breath with movement. Throughout the class there will be a gradual progression connecting one asana (posture) to another. Class will conclude with a final meditation.

YOGA: Invigorating class consists of meditation, breathing and postures. At the conclusion of this class you should feel relaxed, both mind and body.

YOGA DANCE: Yoga and dance are united in their origins. This is a creative form of movement combining yoga and expressive free dance to power-charge your body and soul. Yoga dance trains the physical body, while engaging the core and balance aspects.

YOGA SHRED: Power yoga with extra core strengthening.

ZUMBA GOLD: A great cardiovascular workout geared towards beginners and/or active older adults where you dance the calories away.

ZUMBA: A great cardiovascular workout with a Latin flair where you dance the calories away.

MHW Fitness Center

ALL TERRAIN CYCLE: The perfect balance of strength and endurance provided by an outdoor terrain, but without the heat, rain and traffic. Cycle shoes recommended for maximum experience.

BODY SHARP: Prepare to engage every inch of your body from head to toe for a complete, biomechanical-focused strength training workout, with the cardio edge we’ve all come to love.

BOOT CAMP: This 45-minute class consists of 16 stations, subdivided into blocks of 4 stations. Each block includes a cardio station, lower-body station, core station and upper-body station. Interval times per station is 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. After finishing the 16 stations, the participant breaks for 2 minutes to resume a second run of the 16 stations.

BOOTY-LATES: Are you ready for this glute-lifting workout? We’ll tone and tighten your booty from all angles. Includes a calorie burning warm up and a relaxing cool down stretch.

BOOTY ON THE BAR: This workout focuses on lower body and legs utilizing the ballet bar.

CARDIO JAM: This 45-minute workout focuses on cardiovascular exercise.

CIRCUIT CYCLONE: Combination of cycling and strength training.

CORE & ARM EXHAUSTION: This 45-minute class targets the mid-section and spine, mixed with upper body exercises for the back, chest and arms. Class level is intermediate to advance, and includes a warm up, and sets based on repetitions and/or time intervals. Instructor emphasizes correct technique and good form as well as muscle exertion. If you have lower back or neck issues, please discuss with instructor prior to class to ensure this class is right for you.

CORE & BALANCE: This class focuses on improving flexibility, strength, core, balance and coordination.

CORE IN MOTION: Your core is responsible for keeping your spine neutral, despite gravity, resistance and momentum constantly trying to pull you out of neutral. Stand up to the challenge and make it count. Your balance, orthopedic health and active lifestyle depend on it.

CORE & KETTLEBELL: Strength training class incorporates kettle bells and ab exercises.

CYCLE: This endurance cycling class incorporates fun and motivating music to create an energetic, high energy workout.

CYCLE CLIMB: Cycle class incorporates the incline levels of the cycle.

CYCLE INTERVAL: Cycle class incorporates intermittent time challenges to enhance cardiovascular training.

FITNESS MIX: On the first and third Tuesdays of each month, you’ll cycle for 25 minutes followed by 25 minutes of strength exercises. On the second and fourth Tuesdays, you’ll have 25 minutes of cardio exercise followed by 25 minutes of strength.

KICKBOXING: Have some pent up energy? There’s no better release than taking it to the punching bag. Kick it, punch it, and chop it until there’s nothing left but a feeling of total elation and zen. Gloves are recommended for maximum experience.

MORNING MIX: An ever changing class that includes both strength training and cardiovascular training using different fitness equipment to enhance the class.

PARKINSON’S DANCE: This class focuses on improving flexibility, strength, balance and coordination. It's free to our registered members with Parkinson’s.

PI-YO: Instruction into mat Pilates and yoga.

PILATES (MAT): Develop your body’s strength, endurance, and flexibility through controlled and intentional movements, while at the same time, constantly relying on your core to tie them all together.

POWER PLAY: High level class using the ViPR (Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning–a thick rubber tube, approximately 2 ft. - 4 ft. long, that varies in weight).

RENEWED STRENGTH: Regain your strength and feel better through an hour of focused and targeted strength training with the aim to better your posture, increase your core strength, and improve balance and coordination. A unique and effective exercise for all levels.

RESTORATIVE MAT PILATES: Build the base, get your body back in balance, then progress in strength and range of motion to sustain a healthy, active lifestyle.

RUSH HOUR: Gone are the circuit stations, but not the challenges. This class is just as heart racing and muscle pumping as its circuit equivalent. You just get to turn down the brain a notch after a long work week and simply follow along with the instructor.

STEP INTERVALS: Looking for that perfect mix of cardio and strength training that leaves no muscle untouched and steam pouring off your body? This class can deliver all that and then some. Bring a towel, you’re going to need it for the sweat dripping off your brow.

STRETCH & STRENGTHEN: No class provides a better variety and balance of strength and flexibility exercises than this one. The importance of making strength gains, at the same rate flexibility is improved, is a focus of this class. Its concepts continue to lead the fitness industry in a smart direction.

TOTAL BODY TABATA: Full body strength and cardio training utilizing Japanese Tabata timing. The format is composed of 5-minute blocks of time, consisting of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of effort, followed by a 10-second rest, and 1 minute between blocks of time.

TRAINING CAMP: This 45-minute class consists of full body exercises based on stations. Each station targets a different muscle group and is run for intervals of 45 to 60 seconds. There is a rest time between stations (10-15 seconds) while moving to the next station. Exercises are explained at the start of the class. After one run on the stations, there is a 1-2 minute break before heading to the second and last run.

YOGA: A well balanced yoga class with equal parts Zen, flexibility and strength. Masterfully combined as only yoga can, these exercise classes can leave you feeling more relaxed, energized and stronger.

YOGA–BAR: Yoga on the ballet barre focuses on long lean lines, tranquility, flexibility, empowering posture, remarkable balance and gravity defying muscle/bone strength.

YOGA–LIGHT: Relaxing yoga taken up a notch with a bit more strength and flexibility that bridges the gap to multi-level yoga. The cueing and pace of this class focuses on body awareness and allows for the easy integration of lymphedema precautions.

YOGA–MODIFIED: An all levels yoga class that uses props such as chairs, the ballet bar, and the wall as needed for physical support. The class is effective for all and modifications are offered to address all physical limitations.

YOGA–MULTILEVEL: This is a perfect class for the beginner, intermediate and advanced yogi to intermix and be inspired. Instructors artfully combine pose combinations and options that participants can perform, appreciate and be challenged by.

YOGA–RELAXING: The art of meditation and healing yoga mixed with simple, yet essential, strength components necessary for healthy living. Slow down your pace, listen to your body and give it what it needs to begin working for itself.

YOGA–WHEEL: Multi-level yoga class that incorporates the yoga wheel (cylinder made of plastic or wood, approximately 12 inches in diameter).

ZUMBA: Let the mix of international music energize you as our lively instructors keep you grooving to the beat and having a blast. The multidirectional fitness choreography of Zumba definitely promotes stamina and agility like no other. Running shoes are not advised.