Rehabilitation Programs

Memorial Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab and Medical Fitness offers hospital-based programs instructed by a team of experienced physiologists (exercise doctors), therapists, dietitians and certified exercise instructors with expertise in rehabilitating patients with the following conditions:

We also offer prevention programs for those who are at risk for certain health conditions, including high blood pressure, obesity and more. 

Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Our Phase II (outpatient) Cardiac Rehabilitation assists you and your family in the physical and emotional recovery following a heart event, like a heart attack or heart surgery.

It continues your Phase I (inpatient or hospital-based) Cardiac Rehabilitation. 

What to Expect

The outpatient Cardiac Rehab program includes individual and group education sessions, stress management classes and exercise sessions. You’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive, progressive, individualized workout routines
  • Pre- and post-workout assessment of vital signs and symptoms
  • Continuous monitoring during exercise sessions
  • Ongoing blood pressure and heart rate assessments during exercise sessions
  • Physician, registered nurse and clinical exercise physiologist attend each exercise session
  • Education and support
  • Regular progress reporting to your referring physician

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation is available at two locations in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines.

A physician referral is required.

The program is typically covered by insurance.

Bariatrics Fitness Program

After having weight-loss surgery, patients are referred to our hospital-based Bariatric Weight-Loss Medical Exercise Program. This welcoming environment is made up of a team of experienced staff who will help you reach your fitness goals safely through individual and group education sessions. Our supervised exercise programs include the following to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Clinical Exercise Physiologist designed exercise prescriptions
  • Recommendations based on individual goals, medical history and fitness level
  • Development of sustainable exercise habits
  • Assessment and monitoring