Prevention Program

Memorial Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab and Medical Fitness offers medically-supervised prevention programs to help you build exercise and activity into your regular routine — even when health issues and limitations present challenges. We work to safely increase your activity level, improve your fitness and enjoy better health overall.

We also offer special rehabilitation programs designed for patients recovering from cancer or a heart event.

Resolution Program

Our Resolution Program is designed for people with:

  • A known history of cardiac, pulmonary or vascular disease.
  • Heart disease risk factors including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.
  • Health conditions that require medical supervision to participate safely in a fitness program.

What to Expect

The Resolution Program is led by a physiologist (an exercise doctor) who performs a fitness assessment and reviews your medical history and any test results. Our physiologist uses this information to design a fitness plan just for you.

Your fitness plan may include learning gentle exercises, using gym equipment or participating in a fitness class. For your safety, we monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels before, during and after each session.

Throughout the program, we make sure your workout is challenging, but not overwhelming. We make adjustments as needed based on your progress.

The program focuses on:

  • Cardiovascular training with activities that increase your heart rate and endurance
  • Resistance training exercises to improve your strength and muscle tone
  • Flexibility exercises to increase your range of motion and mobility
  • Stress management techniques to improve your emotional wellness

Locations, Schedule and Fees

The Resolution Program is offered at both Memorial Medical Fitness facilities in Hollywood and Pembroke Pines.

A physician referral is not required, however, physicians can refer patients.

  • We work with you at your pace, fitness level and goals.
  • Participants usually require one-hour sessions that take place two or three times a week.
  • Based on your fitness level and schedule, you may come in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For information, please call 954-265-5800 (Hollywood) or 954-844-7125 (Pembroke Pines).