Memorial Fitness Centers

The pandemic has changed our way of life in many ways. Memorial Healthcare System has had to evolve and adapt its operations to continue providing our patients and community the highest level of quality and safe care in this era of COVID-19.

During the first surge of this pandemic and the temporary shutdown of facilities and services in the county and state, Memorial had to suspend operations at our fitness centers. While we had hoped this would be a temporary situation, it’s now clear as the virus has progressed that we will not be able to re-open this service and still provide the safe distancing required to prevent infection or spread of the disease in a gym environment. Therefore, we’ve made the difficult decision to permanently discontinue fitness center services for our members at both the Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West locations.

We are grateful to have been a part of your fitness journey and hope that you continue to pursue a healthy lifestyle. It was our true honor to provide this service to our community for many years, and we look forward to meeting your healthcare needs now and in the future.

With that goal, we are repurposing the fitness areas to further develop outpatient rehabilitation services that will meet the needs of patients with chronic illnesses and patients with specific rehabilitation needs. Also, these areas will allow additional space for safer physical distancing, wider room for wheelchair-dependent patients, as well as increased patient privacy space and decreased wait times.

Our specialty rehab programs, such as the Bariatric Program, Total Joint Replacement, Cancer Recovery, Parkinson’s Program, Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation, The Resolution Program and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Prehab will remain at both Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West campuses. The Sports Center will remain at the Memorial Hospital West location. Additionally, we are anticipating rehabilitation needs following hospital stays for patients who have overcome COVID-19.

We are grateful to serve our community and look forward to meeting your healthcare needs today and in the future. Wishing you continued good health!