Why Choose Us

  • Our endocrinologists have pioneered a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and minimally invasive surgical treatment of thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, primary hyperparathyroidism and adrenal nodules.
  • Our surgical treatment program combines intensive preoperative imaging and meticulous surgical planning with minimally invasive techniques.
  • Our highly experienced team has managed thousands of thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal surgeries, drawing from more than 40 years of collective endocrinology and endocrine surgery experience.
  • The center's boutique care model creates an environment where all preparation for surgery takes place in a single office setting, with an emphasis on individualized care delivered with a personal touch.
  • Dr. Harrell and Dr. Golding personally perform diagnostic high-resolution ultrasound imaging and thyroid, parathyroid and neck lymph node biopsies in highly sophisticated ultrasound suites. They have each performed thousands of these diagnostic procedures.
  • Dr. Harrell and Dr. Golding specialize in the latest diagnostic tools and treatments for thyroid cancer and nodules, including fine needle aspiration, an advanced biopsy procedure.
  • Dr. R. Mack Harrell and Dr. Golding are board-certified endocrinologists, and are among fewer than 200 physicians worldwide to have completed the Endocrine Neck Ultrasound (ECNU) program, administered by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinology.
  • Dr. Harrell and Dr. Golding perform all endocrine ultrasounds themselves in the leading-edge office ultrasound suites.
  • Dr. Harrell and Dr. Golding personally perform all thyroid, parathyroid and neck lymph node biopsies in the center's office ultrasound suites. They also perform thyroid cyst ablations with ethanol under ultrasound guidance.
  • Our center has received accreditation by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM). AIUM develops national standards for ultrasound staff qualifications and performance, facilities and equipment, procedural protocols, record-keeping and quality assurance methods, and policies for patient safety. Accreditation is granted only after a facility undergoes a rigorous peer review process and must be repeated every three years.

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