How the Program Works

Our expert team of addiction medicine specialists offers comprehensive inpatient care for people with alcohol or controlled substance dependency. With access to the latest anti-addiction medications and the support of our compassionate staff, you’ll have the resources you need to take the next steps to lasting recovery.

Who Is the Memorial Medical Detoxification Program for?

Our program serves adults who are currently using or experiencing active withdrawal from alcohol, prescription medications, opiates and other drugs. For pregnant women, Memorial Healthcare System offers specialized maternal addiction treatment with integrated care for women and their babies.

Experienced Team, Personalized Care

Your care team includes addiction medicine specialists, physicians, nurses and psychiatrists with extensive expertise in treating acute withdrawal symptoms during detox and related mental and physical health issues. As part of Memorial Healthcare System, we provide you with a full range of specialized resources and treatments.

We know that no two patients have the exact same story. Rather than offer cookie-cutter solutions, we treat you as an individual, tailoring care to meet your unique needs.

Take the First Step

Your first step is to call our 24/7 phone line at 954-883-7771 for a confidential initial screening.

We will discuss seeing you for a same-day in-person screening and assessment. If your insurance doesn’t cover our services, we’ll refer you to other programs.

At your in-person appointment, a physician will determine if you qualify for inpatient admission. If so, you can be admitted to our facility the same day. Otherwise, we will refer you to alternative outpatient or residential programs nearby.

What to Expect During Treatment

During your hospital stay, which usually lasts from 5 to 7 days, our goal is to reduce acute withdrawal symptoms during detox while keeping you safe. Your time with us will include:

  • Stabilization of your medical condition and 24-hour monitoring
  • Development of a personalized treatment plan
  • Ongoing support from medical staff, who are trained and equipped to treat addiction and related mental and physical health conditions
  • Access to the latest anti-addiction medications to minimize cravings
  • One-on-one counseling to manage the psychological effects of withdrawal
  • Private room with access to movies, the internet, books and more

Discharge and Transition Planning

As your partner in the journey to recovery, we are committed to making your transition to life outside our facility as safe and seamless as possible. Our personalized discharge planning includes:

  • Treatment recommendations
  • Referrals to community-based inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs
  • Practical strategies for sober living and relapse prevention

Contact Us

Call our 24/7 phone line at 954-883-7771 to learn more about our program or start the admissions process. Our team can conduct a confidential initial screening over the phone, and schedule a same-day in-person pre-screening and assessment in less than an hour.