Memorial Medical Detoxification Program

Withdrawal from substance use can be difficult and even dangerous – but you don’t have to go through it alone. In the Memorial Health Detoxification program, we offer compassionate care that helps you break the cycle of addiction. Stabilization and detox are important first steps in the drug rehab process.

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Why Choose Memorial Medical Detoxification?

At Memorial Hospital Pembroke, our care providers offer one of the only hospital-based medical stabilization programs in South Florida. Our experienced team of addiction medicine specialists provides inpatient care for adults who are currently using or experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, prescription medications, opiates and other drugs.

Our program offers:

  • Expert team by your side: Our experienced team of addiction specialists, physicians, nurses, psychiatrists and intake coordinators offer the top-notch care and support you need. We guide you every step of the way, from screening and admission to discharge and plans for follow-up care.
  • Care tailored to you: From the moment you call us for an assessment, we treat you as an individual who deserves personalized service to meet your unique needs. When necessary, we prescribe anti-addiction medications to aid in your recovery. 
  • Specialized care during pregnancy: Memorial Healthcare System offers specialized maternal addiction treatment for pregnant women coping with substance use. Our program includes integrated care for babies, inpatient and outpatient treatment, and supportive housing.
  • Continuum of support: We help you build a strong support network to rely on after your symptoms have stabilized, when you are ready for the next phase of recovery. After discharge, you can continue to work with the same psychiatrists and therapists you have already established relationships with here.
  • 24/7 responsiveness: Our addiction medicine specialists are on hand around the clock for complete psychiatric, nursing and medical care. You and your family members can call any time to speak with a member of the care team.
  • Insurance coverage: We accept most health insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay.
  • Convenient location: Our central location minimizes the stress of lengthy travel times and makes it easier for you to get treatment.

Medical Detoxification Services We Offer

Once you take the first step in your recovery by asking for help, we respond with immediate support. Here’s what you can expect when you come to the Memorial Medical Detoxification program:

  1. Within an hour of your initial phone call, we can schedule you for a same-day pre-screening and assessment.
  2. After you are admitted, our addiction medicine specialists provide 24-hour care to stabilize your medical condition.
  3. Our groundbreaking program helps reduce substance cravings and relieves withdrawal symptoms. We tailor your daily care to meet your individual needs.
  4. Before you leave, we work together to plan the next steps, such as recommendations for continued treatment and practical strategies for sober living.
  5. Learn more about how the program works.

Contact Us

Call our 24/7-phone line at 954-883-7771 to learn more about our program or start the admissions process. Our team can conduct a confidential initial screening over the phone, and schedule a same-day in-person pre-screening and assessment in less than an hour.