Our Cancer Treatments

As one of the largest cancer centers in Florida, Memorial Cancer Institute treats more than 4,300 new cancer patients a year. With more than 200 medical and support professionals dedicated to doing whatever it takes to fight your cancer, we lead the way in cancer research, and strive to provide you access to the latest advances in cancer treatment. By focusing on clinical research and trials, our doctors stay on the leading edge of cancer treatment.

Florida Health Cancer Center of Excellence badge

Most recently, the Florida Department of Health recognized our alliance with Florida Atlantic University (MCIFAU) as a Florida Cancer Center of Excellence.

Cancer Treatment Options

Cancer Surgery

Accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer, Memorial Cancer Institute’s surgical oncologists are often your front-line cancer-fighting team. Learn more about our cancer surgery options.

Medical Oncology/Hematology

Medical oncology is a way to fight cancer using medicine, and is often combined with surgery or radiation therapy to reduce or eliminate cancers. Medical oncology works well to fight cancers of the blood (hematology) and cancers that have spread throughout the body, as well as tumors.


Nurse with chemotherapy patient

Chemotherapy is the most common type of medical oncology treatment. Often called “chemo,” this cancer treatment can be given as an injection or a pill, but most are intravenous (IV). Memorial Cancer Institute is on your side with every approved chemotherapy treatment available, as well as access to some of the newest and most innovative chemo treatments through clinical trials.

Bone Marrow Transplant

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Our blood and marrow transplant program, with its wide variety of advanced services and treatments for blood cancer, is the only one of its kind in Broward County.

Radiation Therapy

Memorial Cancer Institute’s team of highly trained and specialized radiation oncologists, nurses and therapists — along with some of the most advanced technologies available today give you a powerful combination American College of Radiologyto fight your cancer. View our radiation oncology therapies.

Medication Therapy Management

Our oncology pharmacists can help you understand why, when and how you should take your medications. Learn more.

Cancer Clinical Trials

We currently offer our patients access to National Cancer Institute (NCI)- sponsored clinical trials, as well as pharmaceutical and industry-sponsored research. Through our participation in clinical trials, we have contributed to the development and approval of several important cancer drugs, such as Herceptin, Tykerb, Avastin and Zometa, among others. See our cancer clinical trials.

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Genetic Testing 

If you or a loved one has a family history of cancer, Memorial Cancer Institute’s High-Risk Cancer Genetics Program can help shed light on your cancer risk so you can make informed decisions about your health and focus on cancer prevention. Learn more about our genetics program.

Navigating Cancer Care

Patient navigators offer personalized, compassionate guidance from diagnosis and treatment to survivorship.

Your Image Recovery Team

We take care of the whole person, including appearance, self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Integrated medicine
Integrated Cancer Treatment

We care for people, not a diagnosis. Our support services include acupuncture, massage and more.