Oncology Medical Home

In our ongoing effort to ensure the highest quality cancer care for our patients, Memorial Cancer Institute has chosen to participate in a program called Oncology Medical Home.

What is an Oncology Medical Home?

The Oncology Medical Home model is designed around patient needs; it aims to improve access to care, boost care coordination, improve communication, and enhance overall quality and efficiencies.

Care Coordination

The medical oncologist and the care team are your care coordinators before, during, and after active cancer care treatment. This includes initial diagnosis, second opinions, survivorship, palliative care, and end-of-life planning. Your team aims to empower you to understand your cancer diagnosis, treatment plan, and the side effects you may encounter.

Communication and access to your team are always available through your MyChart patient portal or by calling the Patient Access Center at 954-265-4325.

Symptom management support

If you are experiencing symptoms from treatment, call us to help guide you and connect you to care. Our patients have access to care 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the Patient Access Center call 954-265-HEAL (4325). When calling to report any symptoms, be sure to speak to a live person. Do not leave messages or voicemails, if possible.

Access your medical information

Your medical information with Memorial is accessible through your patient portal, MyChart. In it, you can find test results, pathology reports, and clinical notes about what was discussed during appointments. In MyChart, you can also request medication refills, send messages, and make, view, or cancel appointments. If you don't have access to MyChart, ask for it at your next appointment or visit mychart.mhs.net to create an account.

Patient Financial Counseling

Patient Financial Counseling is another element of the Oncology Medical Home program; it aims to support patients in understanding and addressing the cost of treatment. All of our patients will receive treatment cost education through free financial counseling services.

Cancellation Policy

Please help us improve access to our cancer community. Call us to cancel appointments if you are going to miss them.

When you miss an appointment without canceling, someone else who could have been seen in your place is delayed unnecessarily. We understand that occasionally missed appointments happen for various reasons. Call 954-265-4325 to cancel (at least 24hrs in advance).

Please note: Given the urgency of our patients to receive cancer care, we are constantly trying to improve access by tracking all missed (non-canceled) appointments. Please be aware that more than two missed visits may result in your being discharged from our practice by your provider.

As we continue to find better ways to serve you, we thank you for trusting us with your care and partnering with us. By working together, we are stronger against cancer.