Natalia Solenkova, MD

Solenkova Natalia
Critical Care Medicine
Primary Office
Address 3501 Johnson Street
Third Floor
Hollywood, FL 33021

About Me

I am a critical care physician at Memorial Healthcare System.

I take care of patients who are suffering from life-threatening conditions that affect one or many organs in their body and may be fatal. These conditions include severe infections, overwhelming metabolic disturbances, and deadly lung, heart, kidney and/or liver failure. Many of my patients also require different forms of life support such as a breathing machine, dialysis or continuous infusions of medications to support their struggling organs.

Becoming a doctor was a childhood dream of mine. Since a very early age, I was interested in watching documentaries and reading about great doctors who sacrificed their life to help others, who practiced during wars, and who made new life-saving discoveries. I wanted to find my own unique way to give back. While studying medicine, I discovered my passion for treating critically ill patients.

Seeing a loved one through a critical illness is a difficult, trying and challenging experience. My work involves not only caring for my patients and giving them the best chance of survival, but also to provide the support and guidance their families need throughout the process.

I'm also a big believer in family involvement in critical care settings. This allows families to be active participants in decision-making rather than recipients of care in regards to their loved ones.


  • Siberian State Medical University, 2002
  • Mount Sinai Medical Ctr Of Fl Prog, 2014, Internal Medicine
  • University Of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital, 2019, Critical Care Medicine
  • Russian



  • Grant of Russian Foundation for Basic Sciences “Role of cannabinoid receptors in arrhythmogenesis” # 01-04-48025/Co-investigator, 2002
  • Governor Merit Award for Excellence in Research, 2002
  • Governor Merit Award for Excellence in Research, 2002
  • Siberian State Medical University Young Investigator, Award Winner, 2001
  • Governor Merit Award for Excellence in Education and Community Service, 1999
  • Mayor Merit Award for Excellence in Education, 1999

Professional Organizations

  • American College of Physicians 
  • Elected to Fellow, American College of Physicians, 2017
  • American Medical Association 
  • RFS Standing Committee on Legislative Affairs AMA, 2018- 2019       
  • Florida Medical Association 
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine 
  • American Society of Chest Physicians


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