Juan Lemos Ramirez, MD

Infectious Disease
Primary Office
Address 5647 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, FL 33021

About Me

I am an infectious disease specialist at Memorial Healthcare System. I care for patients with conditions including HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, as well as transplant patients, who are more prone to infections due to their compromised immune systems.

I have wanted to be a physician since I was in the sixth grade, when I became fascinated with how the body works. I have also always admired how doctors serve as a strong support to patients and their families during a difficult time.  

I love working in internal medicine and infectious disease because you need to know about all of the systems of the body, how they work together and how one may affect another. You must also be familiar with different cultures and know what diseases are more prevalent in different areas around the world.

During my training, I became intrigued and enamored with how the transplantation of organs or stem cells can cause a big difference in a patient’s health and quality of life. When working with transplant patients, I take into consideration everything in their life (their hobbies, environment, trips, close contacts, medications, etc.) in order to make a prompt and correct diagnosis.

At Memorial, I collaborate with a variety of physicians to understand the health and background of my patients to offer them high-quality care. 

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Meet Dr. Lemos Ramirez


  • Universidad Central Del Caribe, 2010
  • Universidad Central Del Caribe Escuela De Medicina, 2011, Internal Medicine
  • Veterans Administration Hospital, 2014, Internal Medicine
  • Henry Ford Hospital, 2017
  • Veterans Administration Hospital, 2016, Infectious Disease
American Board of Internal Medicine-Infectious Disease
American Board of Internal Medicine-Internal Medicine




  • 2017: Henry Ford Healthcare System, Transplant Infectious Disease Program – Retrospective cohort study about Cytomegalovirus (CMV) breakthrough infection and disease in high risk population (D+/R-) who received solid organ transplant from 2013 to 2015.
  • 2014 – 2016: Veteran’s Administration Caribbean Healthcare System, Fellowship in Infectious Disease Program
    • STUDY PROTOCOL: GS-US-292-0109
    • STUDY TITTLE: "A phase 3, Open-label Study to Evaluate Switching from TDF-Containing Combination Regimen to a TAF-Containing Combination Single Tablet Regimen (STR) in Virologically-Suppressed, HIV-1 Positive Subjects"
  • 2010: Ambulatory Medicine, Universidad Central del Caribe Medical School
    Current knowledge and compliance regarding preventive measures against the spread of H1N1 Influenza A viruses in primary care physicians of Puerto Rico. The study focused on four primary care centers.


  • “Correlation Between Cytomegalovirus (CMV) breakthrough in High Risk Solid Organ Transplant Recipient and Valganciclovir Dose Modification in a Single Center for a Period of Three Years” (2017). Infectious Disease Society of America. ID week 2017
  • “Epidemiology, Risk Factors and Outcomes of Candida Empyema: A 5-year Single Centered Experience” (2017). Infectious Disease Society of America. ID week 2017
  • “A Rare Cause of Cardiac Tamponade” (2016), American Thoracic Society International Conference at San Francisco, CA. Poster Presentation.
  • “Antiretroviral Resistance with Life-Threatening Complications” (2015), American College of Physician, Puerto Rico Chapter. Poster Presentation.
  • “Hats off to Staphylococcus; An Unusual Central Nervous System Pathogen” (2015), American College of Physician, Puerto Rico Chapter. Oral Presentation.
  • “An Unusual Bug Causing Bacteremia in an Immunocompetent Patient” (2015), American College of Physician, Puerto Rico Chapter.
  • “Abdominal pain: A rare complication of a common organism” (2015), 1st Annual Puerto Rico Medical Association Research Symposium Poster Presentation, American Medical Association.
  • “Pneumonic Process: Not always there is an Infectious Etiology” (2013), American College of Physician, Puerto Rico Chapter. Oral Presentation.
  • “Permanent Renal Damage after Implantation of Tobramycin Beads During Orthopedic Surgery” (2013), Puerto Rico Society of Nephrology Poster Presentation First (1st) Place Award. American Society of Nephrology (ASN) accepted for Poster Presentation (Atlanta, GA 2013)
  • “After a Decade in Remission, Sarcoidosis Strikes Back with a Hodgkin Makeover” (2012), American College of Physician, Puerto Rico Chapter. Poster Presentation.

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