Special Hurricane Precautions for Expectant Moms

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When a Hurricane Warning has been issued for South Florida by the National Hurricane Center, Memorial Healthcare System advises pregnant women to prepare and take safety precautions.

Memorial Regional Hospital, Memorial Hospital West, and Memorial Hospital Miramar are not hurricane shelters and are not custodial facilities. However, pregnant women who meet the criteria below may seek shelter at one of these hospitals. They should arrive no later than four hours before hurricane force winds are expected to make landfall. Obstetricians are encouraged to discuss sheltering at home with patients whose clinical findings suggest that it is unlikely they will go into labor during the hurricane. Remember that once winds reach sustained 40 - 45 mph, police and fire rescue will NOT be able to respond for help!

Space is limited and COVID-19 precautions remain in place; therefore, only the pregnant woman will be permitted to stay in the hospital. We are unable to accommodate companions during this hurricane season. Service animals are allowed.

Criteria for sheltering:

  • Patients that are 39 (or more) weeks pregnant
  • who have been identified as having a high risk pregnancy, with documented medical reason from their obstetrician

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, expectant mothers will be asked to follow all COVID-19 specific guidelines that were previously established by the hospital for patients and visitors. You will be asked to wear a mask at all times while in the hospital. You may bring your own homemade masks, if available. If not available, the hospital will provide a mask upon arrival.

Hospitals available for sheltering of pregnant women:

Memorial Regional Hospital
3501 Johnson Street

Memorial Hospital West
703 North Flamingo Road
Pembroke Pines

Memorial Hospital Miramar
1901 Southwest 172 Avenue

Expectant mothers should bring the following items with them. All items should be labeled with the person’s name.

  • All registration information
  • Bedding (air mattress, sleeping bag, pillow)
  • Water and food (for approximately four days)
  • Change of clothing (for approximately four days)
  • Toiletries
  • Books and magazines for entertainment
  • Any necessary medication
  • Significant others, companions, children, and pets are not permitted
  • Service animals, with documentation, are allowed

No weapons or illegal contraband will be allowed in the hospital.

Free parking is available at each hospital’s visitor’s parking.