Memorial Gets Cyclist on Road to Recovery Fast

Dan's sports medicine patient story

Dan, a serious bicyclist, was in training for a 760-mile timed race in Paris when the unthinkable happened.

“I was on a group ride with some friends. I might have hit a patch of sand, and I went over the handlebars,” Dan said.

He tore open his left elbow. Road gravel and dirt were lodged in the deep cut. Dan went to orthopedic surgeon Alex Fokin, MD, who is part of the physician team at Memorial Sports Medicine Center. Thankfully, X-rays showed no broken bones.

“I was concerned more with soft tissue injury around the ligaments and the muscles,” Dr. Fokin said. “I didn’t want infection to spread.”

That same day, Dan had surgery, and Dr. Fokin cleaned and closed the wound.

High-level athletes like Dan want to quickly get back to training. Memorial understands and coordinates care to get them back in the action. Dan was riding again within three weeks — and successfully qualified for the race.

“I would recommend the team at Memorial Sports Med in a heartbeat,” Dan said. “It all went smoothly and a lot faster than I was expecting.”

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