Sports Cardiologist, Unbeatable Team Restore Baseball Pitcher’s Dream

Ryker sports cardiology patient story

Ryker, a college baseball pitcher with major league dreams, was devastated when he was told he shouldn’t play baseball again because of his heart condition.

Instead of giving up on his dreams, Ryker sought a second opinion from sports cardiologist Eli Friedman, MD, at Memorial Sports Medicine Center. “It changed my life tremendously,” he said.

Dr. Friedman, one of the few sports cardiologists in Florida, performed numerous, detailed tests and carefully interpreted the results.

“Testing in athletes is different than what we see in the general cardiac population,” said Dr. Friedman, who determined that Ryker’s extra heartbeats called premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) were low-risk. He discovered the PVCs went away entirely when Ryker exercised, meaning he could continue to play baseball.

A pitcher in college himself, Dr. Friedman and Ryker formed a fast friendship. “We connected pretty good,” Ryker said. “But the most important thing was I trusted him.”

“He was able to look at me as a teammate,” Dr. Friedman said. “Any time you’re on a team, you have to have faith in your teammates. Now we’re part of Team Ryker.”

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