A Quiet Space for Employees to Relax and 'Pine Down'

PineRoomNR Did you know that Memorial Hospital Pembroke has its very own Room of Requirement? Like in Harry Potter’s world, this particular room is available for most purposes to anyone who needs it (even Muggles).

The Pine Down Room is a relaxation space where Memorial Hospital Pembroke employees can take a few moments during the workday to recharge, mentally and physically. Located on the third floor, off the main corridor, this special place is accessed via the stairwell marked with inspirational messages like, “Believe,” “Get started” and “The greatest wealth is health.”

“We are trying to promote more of a work-life balance for our employees, so we’ve created this space where employees can come to relax, have some privacy, perhaps even get a massage and just unwind,” says Mark Doyle, CEO of Memorial Hospital Pembroke.

The Pine Down Room continues the self-care initiative that began in 2015 with the Employee Staircase Challenge. Mark, along with Memorial Hospital Pembroke’s Department of Education, brainstormed a plan to improve employee wellness. Climbing stairs in the shadow of motivational messages proved to be the ideal fitness challenge. At the end of the year, 25 departments formed teams and vied to take the most steps within a six-week timeframe.

Many staff members dedicated themselves to taking the stairs from there on out, but there are times when a body needs a different kind of care. Sometimes a five-minute massage or a few moments of deep breathing in a quiet setting is better than an intense cardio workout to unkink a stressful day. Opened in October 2017, the Pine Down Room exists for this very reason: to help employees “pine down” and maximize overall wellness.  

Curtained stations provide privacy. Sound machines offer a mix of relaxing white noise options, including sounds of crickets, ocean waves, etc. Comfortable, reclining chairs are also available. It’s a place to be alone with your thoughts or to catch up with a friend, away from the chaotic sounds of the hospital.

“A friend of mine stopped in the other day. She works in Urgent Care and came to get a massage for her back pain. I came as well and we caught up a little. It was great,” says Julie Murray, director of Business Development and Physician Relations at Memorial Hospital Pembroke.

The Pine Down Room is open 24/7. Come in and enjoy.