Family Affair For One Memorial Family


The Braafs are a unique 21st-century family who enjoy giving back.

They work and play as a unit to benefit the greater good. Together, they embody Memorial's philanthropic, family-centric mission.

"I enjoy spending time with my family. That's one of the most important things. When we spend time together, especially when we participate in charity events, we build a lot of everlasting memories filled with lots of joy and laughter," says mom Eugenie (Genie), an EKG Resource Technician at Memorial Regional Hospital.

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Genie has been with Memorial for 30 years. She started out working in the EKG Department, then switched and became a patient care associate for several years before returning to her cardiac roots.

For years she has volunteered for various causes and began encouraging her five children to do the same beginning at a young age.

"I have four girls and one boy. My children all used to participate in numerous volunteer efforts with me when I began my journey with Memorial Healthcare System. They'd come along with me and we'd volunteer together as a family so they could have the opportunity to see their potential to help those in need under varying circumstances. They've followed my lead in volunteering and donating," says Genie, a recognized H.E.R.O.

Every year, the Braafs participate in as many charitable fundraisers as they can. For some of these events, a personal connection makes the experience even more meaningful.

Anna, Workforce System Analyst, stated that our mom would bring us on the weekends into the community to feed the poor and provide shoes and articles of clothing. Now that I am a mother I also have my own children participate in community events.

While no one can argue their service to others is powered by the family dynamic, each Braaf has acquired personal incentives as well. Daughter Daniella, Director of Finance for Memorial Physicians Group, cites philanthropic reasons for participating in events her and her family family get involved in.

"I feel that giving back to the community you are a part of is key to making it stronger, happier and healthier. The most rewarding component is seeing your efforts go to work especially when the benefit goes directly to the cause," Daniella says.

Stephannie, Administrative Assistant at Memorial Hospital West, views each walk as an opportunity to help the community while simultaneously supporting a healthy lifestyle and the Memorial Healthcare System.

"It shows a lot of camaraderie with the leaders and the staff, that everybody wants to be there for a good cause and show their support for Memorial," says Stephannie, who also co-runs the smoking cessation program for the healthcare system.

Genie says she is proud of her fine brood and finds it interesting that they've found professions in the healthcare arena. Their success reflects a mother's work well done, as well as the positive influence Memorial has on its employees.

"I love Memorial," Genie says. "I've been here for 30 years, so to me, that means a lot."