Barbara Receives Everyday Extraordinary Care for Multiple Sclerosis


Barbara felt a wave of panic when she suffered sudden vision loss. Her eye doctor urged her to go to the Memorial Regional Hospital emergency department for an MRI.

“I knew something was wrong,” she said.

Neurologist and multiple sclerosis specialist Adnan Subei, DO, at the Memorial Neuroscience Institute Multiple Sclerosis Center, reviewed Barbara's brain scans and diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Subei, however, eased Barbara's fears, describing the disease-modifying therapies that are part of the everyday extraordinary treatment and care at Memorial Neurological Institute.

“He explained everything phenomenally with my whole family there,” Barbara said. “We were all so scared. He calmed us down and reassured us.”

An advantage of the Multiple Sclerosis Center is its multidisciplinary approach, where several neurologists worked with a neuropsychologist, a clinical psychologist, physiatry, ophthalmology and physical therapists to coordinate Barbara's care. More than simply treat her symptoms, they cared for Barbara holistically.

Dr. Subei prescribed IV steroid treatments to improve her vision and, after lengthy discussions with Barbara and her family, they began a disease-modifying therapy to manage her MS.

“What I tell my patients is that you have MS; MS does not have you,” said Dr. Subei. “Barbara is in control of her disease and she should be able to carry out her daily activities the way that she did prior to the diagnosis. We will make sure - both her and I - that we keep her MS in check.”

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