Surgeons Help Jeannine Survive Colon Cancer

Jeanine, colon cancer patient

With Memorial Cancer Institute on her side, Jeannine, 60, was strong enough to beat colon cancer.

Jeannine’s Memorial gastroenterologist detected cancer in her colon. Led by Ihor Pidhorecky, MD, medical director of the surgical oncology program at Memorial Cancer Institute, a team performed successful surgery to remove her tumor.

“When I met Dr. Pidhorecky, he was so efficient,” Jeannine said. “He was incredible, reassuring me that this was going to be over and done.”

Memorial’s multidisciplinary approach to patient care means the whole physician team works together to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

“When it comes to GI cancers, we are advanced in the field,” said Pablo Ferraro, MD, director of Memorial Cancer Institute’s colorectal and GI program. “People are getting more and more benefit from the expertise and technology we have.”

Two years after her diagnosis, Jeannine is cancer-free.

“They are fabulous,” she said. “They treat you like you are their only patient.”

Dr. Pidhorecky emphasized the need for everyone age 50 or older to get regular colorectal screenings.

“Screening tests are designed to capture cancers at the earliest stage, before you have symptoms,” he said.