Pediatric Surgery

Rotation: SUR 402-1

Length: 2 weeks

Goals:  You should be able to recognize pediatric surgical conditions by the end of their rotation and have a basic understanding of work-up and management of these conditions.  Additionally, you should feel comfortable performing a physical exam on a pediatric patient and should understand indications for surgical intervention.

Objectives: While rotating with the pediatric surgery service will have a broad exposure to all realms of pediatric surgery including in-patient and out-patient care of pediatric surgical patients as well as operative management of pediatric patients. 

Additional Information and Description: You will have an opportunity to participate in basic elective surgeries such as hernia repairs, breast biopsies, cholecystectomies, gastrostomy tube insertions and circumcisions as well as emergent surgeries including appendectomies and intestinal, gynecological or urologic surgeries. You will also attend traumas and learn how to evaluate and manage a patient following injury.  You will also have an opportunity to attend clinic where they will learn about the pre-operative and post-operative evaluation, work-up and management of pediatric surgical conditions. 

You will follow in-patients and make rounds with the team each day.  You will then attend cases in the operating room or assist in clinic.  You will also attend lectures and conferences when possible.

Recommended Reading:

Students should refer to chapters on pediatric surgery in the following surgical texts:

Sabiston Textbook of Surgery (Townsend, Beauchamp, Evers, Mattox)

Current Surgical Therapy (John L. Cameron, Andrew M. Cameron)

You may also refer to Surgical Recall and to Pediatric Surgical texts such as Fundamentals of Pediatric Surgery (Mattei)