Pediatric Otolaryngology

Rotation: PED 405-1

Length: 2 or 4 weeks

Goals: Increase understanding of diagnosis and management of the typical clinical problems encountered in Pediatric Otolaryngology including otitis media, hearing loss, sinusitis, airway obstruction, sleep apnea, and congenital anomalies. Become familiar with basic pediatric audiology evaluation to include newborn hearing screening programs.  Participate in the multi-disciplinary team evaluation and management of pediatric patients with complex craniofacial syndromes including cleft lip and palate.  Improve clinical exam skills of the ear and upper airway including flexible endoscopy.   


  1.  Participate in the clinical evaluation of pediatric patients of all ages with common Pediatric Otolaryngology problems
  2. Observe and participate in common Pediatric Otolaryngology surgical procedures including ear tubes, tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy, cochlear implantation, endoscopic sinus surgery, and airway endoscopy

Additional Information and Description: Outpatient and inpatient (NICU, PICU, pediatric wards, and OR) clinical rotation in Pediatric Otolaryngology.  Includes experience with pediatric audiology as well as with the multi-disciplinary craniofacial team clinic. Approximately 50% of time in outpatient clinic setting and 50% in the operating room/inpatient setting


Recommended Reading:

  1. Primary Care in Otolaryngology (free ebook)
  2. Clinical Practice Guideline for tubes in children
  3. Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children
  4. ENT Secrets as a supplement