General Surgery/Trauma Surgery

Rotation: SUR 408-1

Length: 4 weeks

Goals: Enhance your base knowledge in the treatment and management of surgical patients including but not limited to trauma patients.

Objectives: To develop understanding and competency in the care of surgical patients, to develop collaboration, professionalism and communication within the team, to develop collaboration, professionalism and communication amongst different specialties involved in the care of the surgical patient, to develop interpersonal and professional understanding of the healthcare system and the delivery of care, to enhance the understanding of the management, diagnosis and treatment of the surgical patient.

Additional Information and Description: This is primarily a surgical rotation but will require a couple of trauma call nights. Pre-round on assigned patients, morning rounds, check-out rounds, OR attendance for team cases and other when opportunity arises, clinic rotation, ICU, floor, scheduled educational opportunities, oral presentations.

Recommended Reading:

  • Essentials of General Surgery – Peter Lawrence
  • The ICU Book – Paul Marino
  • Atlas of Human Anatomy -Frank Netter
  • Trauma-Feliciano, Moore, Mattox
  • The Surgical Intern Pocket Survival Guide
  • Surgical Recall-Lawrence Blackbourne