Rotation: MED 401-1

Length: 2 or 4 weeks

Goals: To interview and examine patients with common and uncommon endocrine and metabolic diseases. To recognize the symptoms and signs of common and uncommon endocrine and metabolic disorders. To identify and describe the pathophysiologic mechanisms of common and uncommon endocrine and metabolic disorders, their natural history and prognosis. To understand the indications for and interpretation of endocrine function testing. To synthesize the clinical and laboratory information to create a pertinent problem list and to formulate a differential diagnosis arriving at the most likely diagnosis. To outline plans for management and treatment of the most common and some uncommon endocrine and metabolic disorders. To expand knowledge and competency of endocrinology through case study, reading of pertinent medical literature and repetitive application of learned materials to the ongoing benefit of each patient.

Objectives: Additional Information and Description: This 2 or 4 week rotation will provide you with experience in diagnosing and treating a variety of endocrine disorders at Memorial Regional Hospital.  You will work with faculty in a one on one setting in an ambulatory setting.  Through this experience, you will have the opportunity to learn by taking histories and examining patients with common endocrine disorders.  In addition, you will work directly with endocrinologists in an endocrine surgery division and general endocrinology office. Furthermore, you will spend ½ day a week with diabetes educators. You will spend time in the ambulatory endocrine office, endocrine surgery and the diabetes education department.

Recommended Reading:

Textbooks: Harrisons, Cecils Guidelines: Standards of care of diabetes