Consultative Psychiatry

Rotation:  PSY 401-1

Length: 2 or 4 weeks

Goals:  To work in a collaborative care approach for delivering mental healthcare to patients in primary care settings. Works directly with a consulting psychiatrist to introduce the unique role of a collaborative care consulting psychiatrist. Typical primary care psychiatry cases are, but not limited to, substance use disorder treatment in primary care settings, treatment resistant depression, treatment for anxiety disorders in primary care setting, diagnosing bipolar disorder, substance use disorder treatment in primary care settings, supporting teams around difficult patients and the leadership role assumed by the primary care psychiatrist.

Additional Information and Description: This 2 or 4-week rotation will provide you with experience demonstrating active participation in psychiatric consultation in a integrated care team. You will recognize benefits and limitations in using screening questionnaires to aid in diagnosis and treatment of common mental health disorders. Evaluate the evidence-based literature about providing mental health care in a primary care setting. Learn about different psychiatric manifestations of medical illness and their treatments, and care for medically ill patients who have psychiatric disorders.