Cardiac Surgery

Rotation:  SUR 408-1

Length: 4 weeks

Goals: You are exposed to the entire range of congenital and acquired heart disease in adults. The main goal of the elective rotation is to have a clinical experience that occurs both at the bedside in the cardiac care unit and on the general medical floors and outpatient offices.

Objectives: You are expected to learn the importance of pertinent history and physical examination findings, ordering laboratory studies and diagnostic testing, and interpreting and applying the results of cardiac diagnostic testing. You will learn the essentials of cardiovascular development, cardiovascular examination, pathophysiology and basic principles of cardiac failure; common acquired heart diseases, interpretation of EKG's, basic principles of managing patients with acute myocardial infarction, heart failure, heart disease and arrhythmias, acquisition of clinical skills and medical knowledge is emphasized.

Additional Information and Description: You will participate in daily work rounds, attend cardiology outpatient clinics, and observe procedures such as diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization, invasive electrophysiology testing, echocardiography, and scrub on cardiac surgical procedures.