Current Obstetrics & Gynecology Residents

PGY1 Residents (Class of 2025)

Adelaide Agyepong

Adelaide Agyepong, MD

Hometown: Brampton, ON
Medical School: Ross University
Interests/Hobbies: Nail art, baking desserts, outdoor activities such as biking, running, and hiking.
Why Memorial: Memorial Healthcare System services a large portion of South Florida and I feel that this will allow me to be exposed to a diverse patient population during my training. Additionally, the faculty and staff I interacted with during my interview were extremely welcoming and have been a great representation of all my hospital interactions.

Brittany Marinelli

Brittany Marinelli, MD

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Medical School: St. George’s University
Interests/Hobbies: Reading, swimming, dancing, photography, cooking and baking.
Why Memorial: I chose Memorial because it offers the opportunity to immerse myself within a community of educational leaders and interact with a unique patient population, which will help shape the delivery of my care to women for future generations. The ability to train within a healthcare system that exhibits such a strong multidisciplinary approach to learning and provides a supportive environment for growth are qualities that I admire within the Memorial Healthcare program.

Brielle Miles

Brielle Miles, MD

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Medical School: American University of the Caribbean
Interests/Hobbies: Teaching others how to swim, running, self-development and reading literature.
Why Memorial: Having the desire to give back to underserved communities.

Josselyn Solis

Josselyn Solis, MD

Hometown: Miami, FL
Medical School: American University of Antigua
Interests/Hobbies: Being with nature, baking, indoor planting, Latin dancing, watching Spanish films, going out to eat with family and friends and playing/reading with her baby girl.
Why Memorial: Growing up in South Florida, Memorial hospital was my childhood hospital. My first experience with patient care was as a teenage volunteer at Memorial. My family and I were treated with respect and received wonderful care. It’s an honor to give back to the community that helped shape me into the female doctor that I am today.

PGY2 Residents (Class of 2024)

Fatime Ayoub, MD 

Fatime Ayoub, MD

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Undergraduate: Wayne State University
Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine
Interests/Hobbies: Running, biking, reading, boxing, spending time at the dog park with her pit bull, and traveling.
Why Memorial: I chose Memorial due to the immense opportunity for growth, the welcoming culture, and the ability to learn from an incredibly diverse and unique patient population.

Arielle Higgs, MD

Arielle Higgs, MD

Hometown: Nassau, Bahamas
Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical School: University of the West Indies
Interests/Hobbies: Eating out, exercising (note the eating out), volunteering, travelling and spending time with her husband.
Why Memorial: I chose Memorial because the staff and patient population here reflect the world that we live in today: diverse and culturally rich. I feel confident that at the end of my training here, I will be in a position to treat women from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Nicole Salvador

Nicole Salvador, MD

Hometown: Riverside, California
Undergraduate: University of California, Berkeley
Medical School: American University of the Caribbean
Interests/Hobbies: Spending time with her daughter and husband, traveling, and catching up on her favorite TV shows.
Why Memorial: Everyone at Memorial Healthcare Systems, from attendings to administrators to nurses, is thoroughly and passionately committed to our education and wellbeing. As one of the largest public healthcare systems in the country, the patient population is highly diverse and we get to learn from challenging cases. Also, you can't beat living in South Florida.


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