Anesthesiology Residency Education Experience

Rotation Schedule

The internship year (PGY-1) will consist of the following 13, four week rotations at Memorial Hospital West:

  • Internal medicine (12 weeks)
  • General surgery (12 weeks)
  • Anesthesiology (8 weeks)
  • Pulmonary medicine (4 weeks)
  • Cardiology (4 weeks)
  • Neurology (4 weeks)
  • Critical care (4 weeks)
  • Emergency medicine (4 weeks)

The CA-1 year will take place at Memorial Hospital West and will consist of the following rotations:

  • General OR (20 weeks)
  • Obstetric anesthesia (4 weeks)
  • Neuroanesthesia (4 weeks)
  • Acute pain (4 weeks)
  • Preoperative care (4 weeks)
  • Postoperative care (4 weeks)
  • Critical care (4 weeks)
  • Trauma anesthesia (4 weeks)
  • Non-OR anesthesia (4 weeks)

The CA-2 year takes place at Memorial Hospital West, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, and Memorial Regional Hospital. Rotations will include:

  • Advanced OR anesthesia (20 weeks)
  • Pediatric anesthesia (8 weeks)
  • Cardiac anesthesia (8 weeks)
  • Chronic pain (4 weeks)
  • Critical care (4 weeks)
  • Neuroanesthesia (4 weeks)
  • Obstetric anesthesia (4 weeks)

The CA-3 year will take place primarily at Memorial Hospital West and Memorial Regional Hospital. Elective months can be taken at any of our facilities.

  • Practice management (12 weeks)
  • Senior OR anesthesia (12 weeks)
  • Elective (12 weeks)
  • Critical care (4 weeks)
  • Regional anesthesia (4 weeks)
  • High risk obstetric anesthesia (4 weeks)
  • Trauma anesthesia (4 weeks)


Our curriculum consists of a diverse set of learning experiences. It is our philosophy that learning has to occur in a focused and thoughtful way, using technology as much as possible to enhance the experience.

During the PGY-1 year, educational sessions will vary with each clinical specialty. Educational experiences during clinical anesthesia years will include the following:

  • Keyword discussions
  • Departmental conferences
  • Case-based discussions
  • Journal clubs
  • Exam preparation sessions for BASIC exam
  • High and low fidelity simulation sessions
  • Mock objective structured clinical examination (OCSE) sessions

A proposed educational schedule for CA-1 year is below:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
(Thursday 1 hr.; varies by week)
Keyword (30 min) Keyword (30 min) Keyword (30 min) Journal Club M&M Dept. Q1 Case review (30 min)
(2 hr. sessions; varies by week)
Simulation OSCE Mock Oral Didactic
Didactic Exam Prep

Resident Well-Being

The Memorial Healthcare System has a dedicated Wellness Committee that promotes the health and well-being of our residents through education and initiatives. This committee:

  • Seeks to define well-being as it contributes to personal and professional growth
  • Increases awareness of factors and resources contributing to well-being
  • Inspires and empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own health
  • Supports a sense of community
  • Offers dedicated fitness wellness centers accessible to all residents
  • Allows residents to utilize four days per year to tend to personal and medical needs