Memorial Regional Hospital Visiting Hours and Policies

We encourage visits from family and loved ones during healthcare services.


We take security very seriously. Our comprehensive policies protect our health care patients, visitors and employees. For safety reasons, we require all adult visitors to have photo identification. Security will print a photo pass that will allow you to visit a patient.  

Gift Policies

Visitors should check with the nurse before bringing gifts of food or drink to a patient, as the patient may be on a special diet. If a patient is in the intensive care unit, please check with the unit staff before bringing any gifts, flowers or food.

Security Procedures

Memorial Regional Hospital has dedicated security staff on guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sophisticated technology restricts access to certain areas of the hospital. Visitors are screened before being allowed entry and adult visitors must have photo identification. Security-sensitive areas such as the Family Birthplace and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital may use wristbands for identifying the parents, guardians or other primary caregivers of pediatric patients. Similarly, information about a patient's condition is given only to parents and authorized persons.

The Security Office for Memorial Regional Hospital can be reached at 954-265-6565

Smoking Policy

Memorial Regional Hospital is a tobacco-free campus.

Weapons and Drug Policies

No weapons or illegal drugs are allowed in the facility at any time.

Visiting Hours

Visiting hours are flexible to meet the needs of family and friends, 24 hours a day. Please note the following policies:

  • Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times
  • If a patient wishes for a family member to stay overnight, contact the patient's nurse to make arrangements
  • We ask that any person who has a cold, sore throat or other transmittable illness not visit patients
  • Adult visitors are required to have photo identification

We ask that visitors be sensitive to our patients' conditions and their need for rest. Please contact the patient or the patient's family before visiting.

Mood and Thought Disorder Healthcare Units

Monday to Friday, 6–8 pm

Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 2–4 pm and 6–8 pm

Neuropsychiatric Healthcare Unit

Daily, 2–8 pm (Note: Age restrictions may apply; please check with nursing staff for unit-specific regulations.)

Detoxification Healthcare Unit

Tuesday and Thursday, 6–7 pm

Saturday and Sunday, 1–2 pm

Child and Adolescent Behavior Healthcare Unit

Daily, 6–8 pm

Adult Intensive Care Unit

24-hour visiting is allowed. Two people are permitted at the bedside at a time.

The Family Birthplace Healthcare Unit

General and sibling visiting, 8 am–9 pm daily; 24-hour visiting is allowed for the father or support person. Visitors must present a photo ID, and minor siblings must be accompanied by an adult.

For automated information about visiting hours and directions call 954-265-7008.